Entertainment briefs

Secrets of the Rockettes revealed

NEW YORK (AP) — Everyone knows about the Rockettes’ high kicks, but do you know how many calories each burns? Would you believe 1,000 calories per show?

What do they snack on? M&Ms and fruit and popcorn. What’s the best place to be in their famous kick line? It turns out it makes no difference. How many high kicks do they do per show? A mind-boggling 3,000.

Two veterans of the Christmas show revealed all the backstage secrets, including how they manage to look the same height when they’re not. Turns out that’s a bit of an optical illusion: They put the taller women in the center and gradually go down to the shorter dancers on the ends. The costumes are also designed in such a way as to help maintain the illusion.

King Tut artifacts going on world tour

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Artifacts from King Tut’s tomb are going on tour next year to mark the upcoming 100th anniversary of the discovery of the Egyptian pharaoh’s resting place.

The California Science Center says the exhibit, “KING TUT: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh,” will go on view at the Los Angeles museum in March for 10 months before heading to Europe in January 2019 as part of a 10-city international tour.

The museum says the exhibition represents the largest collection of artifacts and gold from Tutankhamun’s tomb ever to go on public display outside of Egypt. It says 40 percent of the items are leaving Egypt for the first and last time before going on permanent display at a new museum being built near the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

King Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922, more than 3,000 years after his death.

J-Lo to perform on Super Bowl eve

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Global superstar Jennifer Lopez will perform in Minneapolis on the eve of the Super Bowl, adding to a growing list of big-name performers descending upon the Twin Cities for the big game.

Lopez will perform at Nomadic Live! in the refurbished Armory building in downtown Minneapolis on Feb. 3 as part of Super Saturday Night.

The concert will be broadcast live on AT&T Audience Network and DirecTV Now. It’s the first time the Super Saturday Night concert will be aired live.

Event promoters say Lopez will treat fans to greatest hits, as well as new music.

Other concerts announced for that night include the Florida Georgia Line at Club Nomadic at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and the Dave Matthews Band at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

Potter-themed event draws droves

NEWTON, N.J. (AP) — Wizards and muggles turned out in droves for a Harry Potter-themed celebration in a small community, so much so the town is now looking to turn it into an annual event.

Spring Street in Newton was transformed on Saturday into Diagon Alley, the magical market from the J.K. Rowling book series.

More than two dozen restaurants and stores in Newton’s main business district featured elements of the franchise, including a restaurant that served Butterbeer and a store that gave patrons magic wands.

Many attendees dressed up in Harry Potter attire. Some donned scarves with colors from the various Hogwarts houses and Harry’s signature round eyeglasses.

Town and local business leaders planned to meet to discuss next year’s event and how it could be improved, including the possibility of making it a two-day event. They planned to address concerns raised by attendees, such as a lack of parking and the need for more bathroom facilities. Some people also voiced displeasure over long waits to get in to some stores, but officials say that was mostly due to the larger than expected crowds.