It Happened Years Ago

By Patrick D. Kennedy - Archivist

25 Years Ago: August 28 – September 3, 1991

Soviet Union – Two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world is now witnessing the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was formed in 1922 under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin. Now, following one last attempt to hold the union of republics together, a failed coup directed by Communist Party hardliners and the K.G.B., Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as general secretary, and several of the republics have declared their independence from the former union.

Troy – Following on the heels of a 6-4 campaign, Coach Steve Nolan’s Trojans were able to begin the season on a strong note when they defeated Springfield South in Springfield by the score of 27-6. The win pleased Nolan, but he did not want his team’s work to stop there. There are still many games remaining, but it was nice to get one in the “W” column. (Columnist’s Note: The Trojans ended the 1991 season with a record of 8-2. The only losses were near the middle of the season when Troy lost to Piqua and Northmont. To the 2016 Trojans, we are behind you. Go out there and bring the victories home!)

50 Years Ago: August 28 – September 3, 1966

Miami County – The Miami County Commissioners and County Engineer Arthur Haddad are working towards widening County Rd. 25-A, between Troy and Piqua. Two of the reasons for the needed widening of the thoroughfare, according to Haddad, are: an increased volume of traffic on the road and a high accident count. One of the obstacles to the project is the necessity of obtaining a six-mile portion of the old Miami-Erie Canal, which runs parallel to the existing highway. If the state, which owns the land, agrees to the plans, then the property would be transferred at no cost. A survey of the acreage which would be necessary for the project will be supplied to the state by the county. Five years ago, the county wanted to expand 25-A, but the state was not ready to release the land. Although there are no guarantees, Haddad thinks the state will be more agreeable to the plan this time.

75 Years Ago: August 28 – September 3, 1941

Troy – The city service director, John Porter, has been selected to be the official starter for the boat races on the Miami River on Labor Day. The races are a part of the day’s celebration and are sponsored by the Troy Boat Club. The races will begin at 2 pm, but registration of boats and racers will be from 8:30 am until 11:30 am, at the boat landing west of the Adams Street Bridge. All boat owners are encouraged to bring their boats to the river for the enjoyment of the day, but are reminded to stay away from the course while the races are being conducted. (Columnist’s Note: The Troy Boat Club was formed during the summer of 1941. These boat races took place before the present boat launch and boathouse were constructed.)

Miami County – Eight Miami County residents have been named to the Farm Security Administration (FSA) advisory committee to assist with the rehabilitation program of the Department of Agriculture. The state director of the FSA made the appointments and Alfred W. Wolf, county director of the FSA, made the announcement. Appointed are: Hugh Rehmert, farmer; William M. Jackson, farmer; Claude A. Clark, businessman. These three will be on a committee studying the farm debt situation. Also named were: Mrs. Susie Routson, farm woman, Newell E. Yenney, farmer and William M. Jackson, farmer, who will serve on the committee for the rural rehabilitation program. Miss Dorothy Haines, home demonstration agent; Mrs. Kathryn E. Waters, Aid for Dependent Children Bureau and Dr. Berton Hogle are at-large members of the committee to advise on different levels of assistance to eligible FSA farm families.

100 Years Ago: August 28 – September 3, 1916

West Milton – The Dayton Rubber Company held its picnic at Overlook Park in West Milton on Saturday, August 26th. Approximately, 250 were in attendance at the event, which was a joyful time for all. Activities included boating, bathing, fishing and games. It was a beautiful day.

Casstown – According to Miami County’s poet laureate and historian, our schools should be teaching local history and geography to our area scholars. In a lengthy letter to the Miami Union newspaper, Thomas C. Harbaugh stated that area students should be receiving more instruction in state and local history. Harbaugh stated that it may vary from district-to-district, but the schools in which he is familiar with lack in this important education. “Many a scholar who can name the rivers of Siberia or the mountains of Africa is ignorant of his own county as he could possibly be.”


By Patrick D. Kennedy


Patrick D. Kennedy is archivist at the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s Local History Library, 100 W. Main St., Troy. He may be contacted by calling (937) 335-4082 or sending an email to

Patrick D. Kennedy is archivist at the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s Local History Library, 100 W. Main St., Troy. He may be contacted by calling (937) 335-4082 or sending an email to