It Happened Years Ago

By Patrick D. Kennedy - Archivist

25 Years Ago: September 25 – October 1, 1991

• Detroit – A former Trojan was recently hailed as a hero for his actions. On September 20th he piloted a crippled Boeing 727, with over 100 passengers aboard, safely onto the airport runway in Detroit, Michigan. The aircraft’s landing gear was stuck in an unlocked position and nothing the crew tried could free it. Jerry Hardesty, a 1952 Troy High School graduate and an Air Force veteran was able to bring the plane down on a foam covered runway without anyone getting injured. September 20th was also Hardesty’s birthday.

• Troy – A new restaurant has opened in Troy. It is the Waffle House on Archer Drive, near the I-75 and State Route 55 exit. The new eatery is open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, serving breakfast (all day), lunch and dinner. John Blumenstock, manager, coordinates about 40 employees for the restaurant. The parent company, Waffle House of America has about 800 restaurants in 21 states.

50 Years Ago: September 25 – October 1, 1966

• Miami, Darke and Shelby counties – Officials expect a large turnout for a planned bus tour and visit to the Penta-Vocational school in Lucas County. The tour was arranged by the Upper Miami Valley Joint Vocational School Committee as a way to study and experience what a tri-county vocational school could mean in this area. Representatives from several school districts and area industries will take part in the tour. (Columnist’s Note: The Upper Valley Joint Vocational School, now Upper valley Career Center, became a reality in 1975 when the campus in Piqua was opened as a central location for the tri-county service area.)

• West Milton – Despite not hearing anything from the federal government regarding a possible grant, the village has decided to go ahead and construct a water-treatment facility for the West Milton area, including Ludlow Falls. The village had applied to the Department of Housing and Urban Development for a 50 percent grant last March, but has not heard from the agency n months. According to James Ramsey, village manager, the community will be ahead of the game in time and money, if it proceeds now. West Milton’s leadership does not hold out a lot of hope in receiving the grant. The village will advertise for bids for the plant within 45 days.

75 Years Ago: September 25 – October 1, 1941

• Ohio – A fierce windstorm which ravaged the south came through Ohio from the southwest and caused extensive damage to roofs, crops, trees, utility poles and buildings across the state. There were reports of roofs being torn off buildings and other structural damage to businesses and homes. The storm was the cause of an estimated $100,000 fire in Cleveland. The positive side of the storm was it broke a hold which the sweltering heat had on this area. For the past week temperatures have been in the 90 degree range. It will be several weeks before all the damage costs are tabulated.

• Troy – Several people from Troy will be attending the National Recreation Congress when it convenes in Baltimore on September 29th. A.M. Dixon, Director of the Troy Recreation Association, and Mrs. Dixon will attend the meetings. Rev. Dixon will be presenting a key address to the gathering on October 2nd entitled: “The Role of the Church in Recreation – Its Normal Task.” S.S. Slater, Director of the Lincoln Community Center is also planning to attend the meeting. (Columnist’s Note: Rev. A.M. “Pop” Dixon was a beloved individual for a couple of generations of Trojans. He was the pastor of First Baptist Church in Troy, as well as the man who had initiated the idea for the recreation association in Troy, which also saw “The Rec” become a reality.)

By Patrick D. Kennedy


Patrick D. Kennedy is archivist at the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s Local History Library, 100 W. Main St., Troy. He may be contacted by calling (937) 335-4082 or sending an email to

Patrick D. Kennedy is archivist at the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s Local History Library, 100 W. Main St., Troy. He may be contacted by calling (937) 335-4082 or sending an email to