It Happened Years Ago

By Patrick D. Kennedy - Archivist

25 Years Ago: December 11-17, 1991

Tipp City – Tom Rogers, a high school science teacher in Tipp City, is helping the district to take the next step in education. He is trained in using “People Sharing Information Network” (PSInet), which is a computer networking system that allows educators and students to connect with others in the state, country and even around the world. The school has access to the National Science Foundation, the American Geologic Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy. Although designed for science, the system has a unique mixture of educational, cultural, recreational and social information. Mr. Rogers stated the system has been very helpful in accessing broad information without even leaving the building and in saving time that would otherwise be spent in gathering like data. The system uses telephone linkups and transfers data from one system to the next. Rogers hopes that eventually the system will expand and present educational opportunities for history and English teachers.

Miami County – Richard Adams, former Upper Valley Joint Vocational School superintendent, has decided to run to become a County Commissioner. Commissioner Don Hart’s term expires in January of 1993, but he is planning to run for re-election. In addition, Commissioner Westfall’s term also ends at that time. Mr. Adams ran for a seat in the state senate in 1990, but, at the time, became aware of some of the needs at the county government level and now feels he can contribute by serving as a commissioner. (Columnist’s Note: Richards Adams went on to be elected and serve two terms as a Miami County Commissioner prior to winning a seat in the Ohio House of Representatives, where he served from January 5, 2009-December 31, 2014. He previously had been an educator at the high school level, then vice president of Clark State University and founding superintendent of the Upper Valley Joint Vocational School (now Upper Valley Career Center)

50 Years Ago: December 11-17, 1966

Miami County – Federal money became the enticement for the Troy and Piqua city councils to consider passing similar resolutions which could help create a county park district. The hope is to set aside sustainable acreage to be developed as park land for all people in the county. A three man committee has been formed to survey the county for interest in creating a district. Serving on the committee are: J.R. Gaier, chairman of the Piqua Park Board; R. George Kuser, chairman of the Troy Park Board and Thomas B. Wheeler, a longtime Miami County resident. If there is sufficient interest and the councils pass their resolutions, now being prepared by attorney James Utrecht, then, Probate Judge Samuel Faust will be asked to call a public hearing in order to create the district. At present, Miami County has no federal, state or county parks within its boundaries. (Columnist’s Note: The Miami County Park District was created in 1967 and since that time has continued to develop and preserve approximately 2,000 acres of Miami County land for recreational use by its residents. It now oversees 16 different parks throughout the county and maintains its head office in the 1883 Victorian home, which was donated by the Knoop family.)

Ludlow Falls – The 16th year of celebrating Christmas got underway Saturday through the exhibition of over 16,000 lights over Ludlow Falls, in western Miami County. The firemen of the small village have made an annual event out of sharing a little season’s cheer by displaying the lights for all who would like to visit. Over the last three days, more than 6,500 people have made their way to the display. Volunteers began hanging the lights in October and the decorations will be illuminated every day, beginning at 6 p.m., until January 2nd. Last year the decorations attracted approximately 100,000 people. (Columnist’s Note: The light display at Ludlow Falls, from the first year in 1949 to the last in 2002, except during the 1973 energy crisis, became an annual event for several generations of county residents. In addition, many people from miles away made the annual trek to see the brightly illuminated falls, which greeted all with, “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year.”)

By Patrick D. Kennedy


Patrick D. Kennedy is archivist at the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s Local History Library, 100 W. Main St., Troy. He may be contacted by calling (937) 335-4082 or sending an email to

Patrick D. Kennedy is archivist at the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s Local History Library, 100 W. Main St., Troy. He may be contacted by calling (937) 335-4082 or sending an email to