By Patrick D. Kennedy - Archivist

25 Years Ago: September 27-October 3, 1990

• Germany – It’s just amazing. That is the sentiment expressed by Lita Marklein regarding the impending reunification of Germany which will take place this week (October 3rd). Marklein, who is from West Germany is visiting her daughter Barbell Adkins here in Troy. Others in Miami County also expressed the feeling that it is the right thing to do. As a part of the desire to break up German power after WWII, Germany and Berlin were divided between the Allied powers. Following the aftermath of two world wars, the Allies wanted to curtail any possibility of another German power in the near future. In addition, the division was also a result of a power struggle between the Communist Soviet Union and Western powers. At midnight on October 3rd, Germany will be a unified country for the first time in 45 years.

• Lena – Christian missionaries Ed & Joanne Lewis will be at the Lena Baptist Church on Sunday (Sept. 30th) to share about the work they have been doing in Vienna, Austria. Rev. Lewis, who is a Troy High School graduate, works with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (T.E.A.M.) and worked to plant churches, taught in the Vienna Christian School and, prior to the collapse of Communism, also made trips behind the Iron Curtain to underground churches. Rev. Lewis and family have just returned to the U.S. on special assignment with the mission organization. (Columnist’s Note: Rev. F. Edward Lewis was a 1972 graduate of Troy High School. For several years while raising monetary support for missions, he not only spoke at area churches, he also did substitute teaching in the area, often teaching German classes at Troy High School. Sadly, Ed was killed in 2000 in a tragic highway accident.)

50 Years Ago: September 27 —October 3, 1965

• Fletcher – The artwork of Fletcher artist Mrs. Chester (Doris) Whitson will be on display at the Troy-Miami County Public Library during the month of October. Mrs. Whitson received her art training at the Dayton Art Institute and is also an artist member of the Institute, as well as a member of the Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptors. As an artist Mrs. Whitson has worked with oil paints, water colors, pastels and charcoal. Her interest is in religious themes, but also finds inspiration in landscapes and human figures.

• Troy – This morning (Sept. 29th) all schools in Troy were evacuated on the information of the presence of a bomb in one of the Troy schools. A male teenage voice told the police at 7:52 am that there was a bomb in one of the Troy schools. Superintendent Glenn Jeffers was immediately notified, who, in turn, called each principal of Troy schools, including St. Patrick’s and Riverside. Miami County Police, the State Highway Patrol and faculty members at each school searched the buildings and lockers for any suspicious materials, but did not find anything. By 9 am the all-clear was given and the students were allowed to return to their regular schedules. It was noted that if the person responsible for the call is found, then he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There was a similar call to the schools back in April.

75 Years Ago: September 27-October 3, 1940

• Piqua – Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wood are anxiously awaiting word about an 11-year old British girl who they volunteered to care for during the duration of the war. Antoinette Berrill was supposed to be on a ship scheduled to leave the U.K. on September 13th, but they have yet to receive any word of her. Some children are being sent to this country for safety while England is fighting the war in Europe and under attack from the Nazis. Mrs. And Mrs. Charles Getner of Piqua was also to care for a couple of children, but it was found that the children were unable to leave their home in Liverpool. The Wood family fears that young Antoinette may have been on a refugee ship which was torpedoed off the coast of England about the time she was to embark. The Berrill family are longtime friends with the Woods. (Columnist’s Note: Although I do not know for sure if Miss Berrill made it to America, there is evidence that she did. There is a U.S. entry pass registered for an Antoinette Berrill, approximately 10 years old, for October 2, 1940. In addition, in the 1944 “Piquonian,” The Piqua Central High School yearbook, there is a Ann Berrill noted as a new student at the school.)

100 Years Ago: September 27 -October 3, 1915

• Miami County – At the meeting of the county fair board next Saturday (Oct. 3rd), a committee will be appointed to look into the possibility of a new grandstand for the county fairgrounds. The committee will also meet and work with the county commissioners for this same purpose, with the potential need for a levy to raise the needed funds. The commissioners have already expressed interest in this project. A preliminary cost of $25,000 – $28,000 is estimated for a new grandstand. It is the opinion of many people, local and distant, that the Miami County Fair is one of the best in Ohio, even near par to the State Fair. A new grandstand would help support the continued excellence of the fair. (Columnist’s Note: A new grandstand was completed in 1917. It was constructed by the Hanneman Brothers Construction. This grandstand is the same one currently used at the Miami County Fairgrounds and will soon be 100 years old.)

• Urbana – The Urbana High School football team is preparing themselves for their impending clash with the football team of Troy High School. The coach has initiated a few new plays in preparation for the contest on Friday (Oct. 1st) and has had the young men practicing long hours. The Urbana boys know that “each member of the squad is expected to be in prime condition for the onslaught of the mighty Trojans.” (Columnist’s Note: Unfortunately for Urbana, all the extra work and practice did not yield fruit, at least against the Trojans. On a muddy field in Troy, the Troy High School boys ran up a score of 33 to 0 over their Champaign County counterparts. )

By Patrick D. Kennedy


Patrick D. Kennedy is archivist at the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s Local History Library, 100 W. Main St., Troy. He may be contacted by calling (937) 335-4082 or sending an email to

Patrick D. Kennedy is archivist at the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s Local History Library, 100 W. Main St., Troy. He may be contacted by calling (937) 335-4082 or sending an email to