Fong talks OSU football at Rotary meeting

Chris Fong

TROY — Being a walk-on to a college football team in Ohio isn’t the easiest path to take to becoming a national champion; however, that is exactly what pre-pharmacy major Chris Fon did to become a nose tackle for the 2014 National Champion football team at The Ohio State University.

In fact, Fong has three rings to prove his collegiate success: Big Ten, Sugar Bowl and the National Championship. Fong regaled Troy Rotarians with his personal football history during the club’s weekly meeting July 7.

While many college-level football players come from many years of practice throwing the pigskin, Fong’s athletic journey actually began on the wrestling mats in his freshman and sophomore years at OSU. He played club football his junior year, and it was then that his club coach encouraged him to try out for the team in August 2014. The result is college football history, culminating with the team’s big win on January 12, 2015 at AT&T stadium when the OSU Buckeyes rolled over the Oregon Ducks 42-20 in the inaugural College Football Playoff. During the Summer break, Fong is part of the 7:45 a.m. daily training camp group at school. His day begins with breakfast and goes on to include workouts, conditioning, stretching and a rewarding tub soak. All the hard work is paying off. When the 2015-16 training camp begins this fall, Fong will be the third string nose tackle on the current depth chart.

The championship run was, in Fong’s words, phenomenal.

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