Troy Police Department reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

May 27

GUN STOLEN: A resident on Mulberry Street reported a stolen gun. She advised her .38 special was missing from her house.

TOY VEHICLE IN THE STREET: An officer observed a white male riding a skateboard in the public street downtown Troy. He was stopped and given a citation for riding a Toy Vehicle in the street.

May 28

WARRANTS: An officer passed a Robert Skelly driving a tan Olds Bravada on Floral between Jeep and Patton St. Knowing that Skelley does not have an active license, the officer stopped him on Patton at Floral. The officer found the passenger to be Brian Eastman, both known drug users.

Upon running Skelley the officer found that he is still under a license suspension and Eastman had an active warrant out of Montgomery County. The officer then placed Eastman into custody, cuffed (double-locked), and searched him.The officer asked Skelley to step from the car and asked him if there were any drugs or weapons in the car. Skelley advised that upon pulling them over that Eastman placed a syringe into a tattoo gun box in the back seat. Eastman admitted there was a syringe but stated that he would take the blame for it and admitted the tattoo box was his.

The officer found a silver box containing a tattoo gun and equipment and saw a used syringe laying in the box. The officer collected the syringe as evidence. Skelley was issued a citation for DUS and released.

The officer wrote Eastman a summons for the drug abuse instrument. After Eastman received medical treatment, the officer transported Eastman to the IF where he was turned over to CO Coats and incarcerated.

May 29

SIDEWALK ISSUE: An officer charged a 14-year-old male with tobacco possession, and warned him for riding a skateboard on the sidewalk within the city’s business district.

CAR SEAT CITATION: On patrol, an officer watched as a vehicle drove by with at least two small children who appeared about four years old or younger standing up in the backseat. The officer stopped the vehicle, and found a three-year-old not completely secured in his child seat, a five-year-old with no seat belt or child seat, and a six-year-old with no seat belt or child seat. The officer identified the driver with a valid license, reminding her of the errors, and she told me they had been “buckled up at one time.” The officer issued the driver a citation for the Child Restraint violation.

OVI: Officers were dispatched in reference to a male passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle. The driver was found to be intoxicated and arrested for Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle. The driver was cited for Physical Control, Possession of Marijuana and Open Container in a Motor Vehicle.

OVI: Responded to Greenlee Road for a hit-skip crash. Found the vehicle to be at a different location but reported stolen. Through investigation it was found the vehicle was not stolen, the owner was involved in the incident and in the vehicle. One male subject was found to have drug abuse instruments on him. Owner of vehicle cited for wrongful entrustment, driver incarcerated for drug abuse instruments, OVI, open container, improper starting and backing, dus, hit skip and criminal damaging.

May 31

WARRANT:An information card form 911 showed that Tyler Iddings was at Archer Park and possibly had an active warrant for his arrest. An officer pulled into the park there was a gold Lincoln matching the description of Idding’s car in the park (and the only car observed in the park). A male sat up from the back seat and the officer asked him if he was Tyler Iddings. The male stated that he was. Dispatch advised that Iddings had two warrants out of Miami County that had been confirmed. Iddings was then placed under arrest, handcuffed and searched. Iddings was then transported to the Miami County Jail and turned over to Lt. Thomas for incarceration.

THEFT: Kimberly Miree works for Ruby Tuesday. The victim, Bonnie Andrews, ate at Ruby Tuesdays today. Kimberly stole Bonnie’s credit card number and used it at Pizza Hut in Troy, and also paid her Time Warner Cable Bill with the card. Case is pending.