West Milton to make land purchase

By Cecilia Fox - cfox@civitasmedia.com

WEST MILTON — In an effort to expand the village’s development opportunities, the West Milton council voted Tuesday night to purchase nearly 100 acres of land.

Council met in a special session to vote on this $1.1 million purchase which includes 97 acres located across the river on State Route 571 and Iddings Road, south of the Stillwater Golf Course.

According to Municipal Manager Matt Kline, this purchase will allow the village to address one of its biggest challenges — limited opportunities and space for growth.

“Over these years, we have met with many potential developers and interested entrepreneurs who have politely listened and have expressed a willingness to work with us and to do work here, however, the one thing the village itself is missing is land,” he said in a report to council.

The goal of this purchase is to create jobs, strengthen the tax base, and enhance the community, he added.

The agreement does not require any earnest money to be deposited to confirm the purchase. It also includes a contingency period which allows the village time to make sure the land is suitable for future development, Kline said.

This purchase is not a development agreement, Kline stressed, but rather the first step in cementing a future agreement.

“We have been in negotiations for some time now. It would be my hope that we can make a major announcement in the near future,” Kline said.

He added that he foresees a “mixed-use” for the property, with both residential and a job-creating developments.

“At worst, should we fail, at least we will know that we are making every attempt possible. At best, should we succeed, it will be an exciting time to live in West Milton,” Kline said.

By Cecilia Fox


Reach Cecilia Fox at cfox@civitasmedia.com or (937) 552-2205.

Reach Cecilia Fox at cfox@civitasmedia.com or (937) 552-2205.