By Patrick D. Kennedy - Archivist

25 Years Ago: July 24-30, 1991

• Miami County – The “Open Space” plan in this county still needs to iron out a lot of wrinkles before it will be accepted by residents of the county and even the commissioners. A recent meeting that was intended to be a workshop for county commissioners and the county planner turned into another public forum on the plan to preserve open spaces in Miami County. Most people like the idea of having a means to preserve rural acreage, but a number of land owners are hesitant about creating legislation that may give the county government power to control use of privately owned property. Even two county commissioners are not sold on the potential plan which the county planning commission has already adopted, but it will not have legal power unless the county commissioners also adopt it. Several issues which are sticking points include, not involving the land owners in the planning stage; the possible use of eminent domain to achieve goals and to restrict a landowner’s rightful use of his/her property, and the county park district as the managing agency. Commissioner Lou Havenar agreed that the planning commission did not do a good job of organizing the project, stating, they did not consider the land owner’s input regarding his own property. The plan designated specific pieces of property within the county as highly desirable acreage for preservation, but did not consult with those particular owners. Havenar stated if a land owner does not want their property to be mentioned or noted as a designated piece, then he should have that right. Commissioner Hart likes the plan, but acknowledges that there are many issues with the idea in its current form.

• Troy – Gareth Johnston won her 10th golf title at the Troy Country Club on Friday, the 26th. The title placed Johnston in a tie with Jane Adkins’ record of 10 championships. Johnston had a strong challenge from Candice Goodall, but was able to grab the victory. (Columnist’s Note: Gareth Johnston has gone on to more than double her wins as the women’s champion, winning 15 more times between 1992 and 2014. She has also won 17 city titles.)

50 Years Ago: July 24-30, 1966

• Fletcher – Mayor Herbert Johnston announced that the firm of Charles H. Shook, Inc. will soon begin work on the $40,000 water filtration plant and it is expected to be completed by mid-November. The plant will be able to provide clean, impurity-free water to 200 homes in Fletcher. The new plant will eliminate the high iron and black sulphur content of the village water There have been some complaints about the initial water usage rate, which will be approximately double the current rate, but most resident are happy about the new system.

• Casstown – Lowell Wintrow of this village has been renovating antique cars for about five years, but stated that he has been working on automobiles his whole life. He has worked on all types of cars, but Fords are the most popular because of the ease of getting parts for the older models. Ford still manufactures a lot of the parts, even for the antique autos. Mr. Wintrow said when he buys a car he will strip it down to its frame, then sandblast and clean all the parts before painting and rebuilding the vehicle. The added benefit of displaying the autos at his service station is people will stop to look at the cars he restored and then they will purchase fuel. Although it is a labor of love, he hopes to sell the last of the autos soon because the process takes up too much of his time. He has a 1927 Ford sports coupe and a 1928 Ford two-door sedan that he hopes to sell as a package for about $2,500.

75 Years Ago: July 24-30, 1941

• Ludlow Falls – July 31st marks the beginning of the annual 10-day camp meeting of the Mennonite Brethren-in-Christ. The usual large gathering is expected at the campground in Ludlow Falls. Rev. B. G. Carnes of Kentucky is the evangelist for the camp and will conduct services three times a day. Roy Harshbarger, secretary of the campground said he is now receiving registration for the camp.

• U.S.A. – As the United States continues to stay abreast of the war in Europe, it appears the country is being drawn closer and closer to entering the conflict at some point. America and the world have a new front to watch as Japan has now moved into French Indo-China and may continue further. The move threatens the Chungking Regime in China, Eastern Russia, which could affect Russia’s success against Germany on its western front, and Malaysia. The United States, Canada, Great Britain and other countries are threatening economic boycott of Japan if it continues on its present course. London indicated the United States and Britain are discussing the possibility of freezing all Japanese credit.

• Troy – Dick Netzley, the president of the newly formed Troy Boat Club has announced several rules and regulations which will guide the new organization. The new rules include the statement that no boats of the club are to be on the water during church hours on Sunday mornings. This measure was put in place to ensure no noise would disturb those who are in their respective places of worship. (Columnist’s Note: The Troy Boat Club was instrumental in beginning the Troy Emergency Crew in 1944. The fire department did not have water rescue equipment at the time, so the club formed the emergency crew to assist the department with any water-related rescue or recovery operations. The Troy Emergency Crew was in operation from 1944 -2003.)

By Patrick D. Kennedy


Patrick D. Kennedy is archivist at the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s Local History Library, 100 W. Main St., Troy. He may be contacted by calling (937) 335-4082 or sending an email to

Patrick D. Kennedy is archivist at the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s Local History Library, 100 W. Main St., Troy. He may be contacted by calling (937) 335-4082 or sending an email to