Miami East ‘plays it safe’

District has least amount of accidents in 2 years

By Amy Barger -

CASSTOWN — Miami East Local Schools were awarded the 2015 Miami County Safety Council Award for having the largest number of hours without an accident in Miami County over the last two years.

Superintendent Dr. Todd Rappold made the announcement during the monthly board of education meeting on Monday. Rappold credits the variety of training sessions, participating in the monthly Miami County Safety Council meetings, and the school having Monday Morning Wellness.

“Certainly, staff and students should be recognized,” Rappold said. “Everybody goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure (everyone is safe). We make a concerted effort, but somewhat remarkable that of every single organization in Miami County, over the last two years, we’ve had the fewest number of accidents.”

Treasurer Lisa Fahncke reported the district ending in an unencumbered balance of $3.1 million for fiscal year 2015, saving $1,371,488 in revenue over expenditures.

“The reason for that is primarily, we have collected more in real estate taxes in the second year of collection in the reappraisel year,” Fahncke said. “We’ve had a successful year and reduced expenditures as well as increased revenue.”

Fahncke also said it has to do with new construction and valuation in the way the county values the agricultural land, and received a 12.5 percent reimbursement from the state.

The board approved Fahncke’s recommendation of the district obtaining a credit card, and revision of board policy 6423, which addresses the use of credit cards in the district. The board also approved an application with Unity National Bank/Elan Financial Services to obtain a credit card account.

“We live in a day that we are losing out on some of the pricing that we can get … we are having to pay a higher price for some products, because we don’t have the capability to buy online,” Fahncke said. “(Credit card) would be a great benefit to the district, I believe.”

The board approved honoring and supporting House Bill 212, as it allows restoration of local control of curriculum and instruction, instruction of priorities and class schedules, faculty evaluation and development, Kindergarten Readiness Assessment; and restores protection of student and teacher data, assessment stability, and transparency and community.

“While I can certainly appreciate the fact that there has to be some state control when states are funding some of our educational expenses, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be a ‘solution fits all,’” Rappold said. “What might be very beneficial for an urban district may not be beneficial for a rural district and vice versa. This would give local boards of education some control, especially to high-performing districts.”

Part of the reason the bill came to fruition is because some districts across the state were not doing teacher evaluations at all. Rappold discussed about this part of the bill.

“As a result, now we’ve had to do 10 times the amount (of teacher evaluations) … (state) seemed to punish the districts that are making every effort to try to oblige and follow through (prior to HB 212).”

The board approved the following agenda items:

  • Treadmill donation from Elizabeth Township
  • Cash donation of $310.50 from Miami East Academic Booster to the Miami East High School principal’s fund for the purchase of lanyards for seniors
  • Handbooks for the 2015-2016 school year for Miami East High School, Miami East Junior High, Miami East Elementary, district-wide staff handbook, and bus driver handbook
  • Class fees for the 2015-16 school year as recommended by principals of all buildings
  • Rappold as purchasing agent for the district effective Aug. 1.
  • John Podgurski as the board’s legal representative for the 2015-16 school year, on an as-needed basis
  • To participate in the 2016 Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing Council bus bid process. The district is under no obligation to accept the bid if it so chooses
District has least amount of accidents in 2 years

By Amy Barger

Reach Amy Barger at (937) 451-3340 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall.

Reach Amy Barger at (937) 451-3340 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall.