Milton-Union BOE approve administrator raises

By Allison C. Gallagher -

WEST MILTON — The Milton-Union Board of Education approved a four percent pay increase for the superintendent and school administrators, including the principals, assistant principals and psychologist.

Superintendent Ginny Rammel said the raises came after a pay freeze for the administrators several years prior.

Rammel’s salary is currently $96,088. With the four percent increase, it will be $99,932.

The board also discussed how to handle the flushing water issue the school had been battling and decided to partner with Waibel Energy Systems to fix the issue.

Joe Zimmerman of Waibel held a presentation on the water system, which was causing the water in the bathrooms to discolor. Three different corporations were involved in the original installation of the underground tank, although none of them have been returning phone calls or willing to acknowledge the problem with the waste water system.

Zimmerman informed the board that while there was no guarantee of 100 percent perfection, he was confident Waible could take care of and fix the system in its entirety.

“You have some companies that can only take care of this part, but not that part over here,” he said while referencing a drawing on the white board. “We can work on and fix the entire structure.”

The possibility of reaching out to the original company was mentioned, although the board decided based off of the quality of their first job and inability to get back in touch, going with Waible would be the most timely option.

“When you’ve got different companies, you need one person who understands the entire system,” Rammel said. “Waible knows how to fix the entire system, so we’re going to go ahead and fix it with them.”

The total cost with Waibel Energy Systems is not to exceed $21,000.

In other business, the board approved a calamity day makeup plan. Milton-Union students missed six school days; however, with the the use of “blizzard bags” — online instructions for students to complete at home during calamity days — no make-up days were needed at the end of the previous school year.

By Allison C. Gallagher

Reach Allison C. Gallagher at or on Twitter @Troydailynews.

Reach Allison C. Gallagher at or on Twitter @Troydailynews.