Brookdale offers cooling items to seniors

TROY — While summer’s hot temperatures are creating extra health risks for seniors, professionals from Brookdale Troy are fanning out to help them stay healthy and hydrated. Teams are preparing to visit those over 65 in their homes to deliver free cooling supplies and explain how to remain safe as the mercury climbs.

While people 65 and above represent just 13 percent of the American population, they comprise 40% of heat-related fatalities.

“Aging affects the body’s ability to regulate temperatures,” said Dr. Kevin O’Neil, chief medical officer for Brookdale. “Seniors are also more likely to have chronic health conditions and to be taking medications that make them more susceptible to the heat.” High temperatures can pose a special danger for people with Alzheimer’s, who may not recognize thirst symptoms or know how to protect themselves from sun and heat.

“It’s important for seniors to stay hydrated, limit exertion during the hottest part of the day and take other measures to avoid becoming overheated,” said Adam Jacomet, sales manager, Brookdale Troy. “People who care for older adults may need to encourage their loved ones to drink enough fluids and protect themselves from the hot sun.”

To assist, professionals from Brookdale Troy will deliver free cold drinks, fruit, and other cooling items along with information on heat safety to local seniors in their homes. They will also invite them to Brookdale Troy to take part in social activities in an air-conditioned environment.

To recommend a senior for a free home visit, call (937) 335-5900.

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