Manure storage tax credit may be coming

By Allison C. Gallagher -

Allison C. Gallagher | Troy Daily News

Allison C. Gallagher | Troy Daily News

MIAMI COUNTY — A proposed bill in the Ohio Senate could literally offer tax breaks for all kinds of crap.

Rep. Brian Hill, R-Zanesville, plans to introduce a bill soon that would create a 50 percent refundable income tax credit for livestock owners or producers who invest in manure storage facilities.

Hill says the bill would help farmers comply with new requirements in Senate Bill 1, a bill designed to take steps toward addressing the toxic algae bloom problem in Lake Erie.

In a co-sponsor letter to his colleagues, Hill said the tax credit aims to encourage compliance with the new manure-spreading standards in effect in northwest Ohio. The average cost for a manure storage facility exceeds $100,000, which leaves many farmers in the Western Lake Erie Basin and throughout Ohio in need of assistance.

The tax credit would be retroactive, going back to storage built after Jan. 1, 2005. It also would apply to vehicles associated with the spreading of manure.

Mandy Havenar of the Miami County Farm Bureau said SB 1 focused mostly on the Lake Erie area, but some farms in Miami County could benefit from a tax credit if it were available.

“We have no position, since the legislation is pretty fresh, but some family farms could utilize a tax credit for their storage,” she said. “We advocate for Miami County farmers, so if it could help them, we could get behind it.”

District Administrator and Drainage Technician at the Miami Soil and Water Conservation District Kreig Smail said the soil and water district works with landowners on a volunteer basis, and that they have worked with several storage facilities.

However, he did not know how many manure storage facilities are in the county.

“I think livestock producers could benefit from that if they had a need for more storage, especially if there was a tax break or a tax implications for doing so,” he said. “I believe there could be (a need), but for how much I couldn’t say right now.”

Allison C. Gallagher | Troy Daily News C. Gallagher | Troy Daily News

By Allison C. Gallagher

Reach Allison C. Gallagher at or on Twitter @Troydailynews.

Reach Allison C. Gallagher at or on Twitter @Troydailynews.