UVMC loses power for more than 5 hours

Back-up generator keeps hospital running

By Melody Vallieu


TROY — All power was returned to Upper Valley Medical Center on Wednesday following a power outage that left the hospital working on its back-up generator for more than five hours.

The power outage happened at approximately 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, when there was a short in the primary electric feed to the hospital, according to a statement provided by Gail Peterson, director of the communications and marketing department at UVMC. The short, in turn, took out two of the feeds in the primary transformer.

The hospital’s backup generator system immediately took over, and provided electrical service to essential areas of the hospital.

Patient care was not been affected, and services were running and operational, she said. There were no patients moved, nor were any emergency department patients redirected. However, some procedures were delayed or rescheduled, according to Peterson.

Employees were not sent home, rather some employees were re-assigned to other duties as called for in the emergency planning design, Peterson said.

While the physician’s office portion of the hospital was back up and running as of 3 p.m., Peterson said power was restored throughout the hospital by 5 p.m. By 5:45 p.m., all generators, chillers, and air handlers cycled on and off and returned to normal operations.

Peterson said the back-up generators, used in the Wednesday outage, will provide uninterrupted power essentially indefinitely.

“We have emergency procedures to assure sufficient fuel for the operation of the generators,” she said. “Throughout the outage the back-up generators performed as planned, and all safety emergency power was in place at all times.”

Back-up generator keeps hospital running

Reach Melody Vallieu at mvallieu@civitamedia, call (937) 552-2131 or follow her on Twitter at @TroyDailyNews

Reach Melody Vallieu at mvallieu@civitamedia, call (937) 552-2131 or follow her on Twitter at @TroyDailyNews