Carriage Crossing Park recommended as water tower site

Park board recommends south area of park for new elevated water tower

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TROY — The City of Troy park board recommended the construction of an elevated water tower in the south corner of Carriage Crossing park on Tuesday.

The recommendation was provided by Chairman Alan Kappers and board member Stan Phillips. Board member Becky Pierce was not present.

Jillian Rhoades, city engineer, said the city considered several properties to place the water tower on the western side of the city, including one site near Kings Chapel in an undeveloped lot and Carriage Crossing Park.

“When we actually looked at the operation of both proposed locations, form the engineering, hydraulic standpoint they both operated the same. (Carriage Crossing Park) is actually cheaper because the city owns the property,” Rhoades said.

Rhoades said the undeveloped site near Kings Chapel was requesting $100,000 or more for the site.

Rhoades said the new tower is part of the city’s water master plan update in 2013, which identified the service area as in need of an elevated water tower due to the potential expansion of the city to the west.

“From the financial standpoint, we are asking the park (Board) to give their blessing for Carriage Crossing,” Rhoades said.

The proposed location of the water tower would still allow park activities to continue uninterrupted, Rhoades said.

Kappers said he proposed the south area of the park to keep as much playground space as possible and to tap into the existing water line.

Phillips asked if the tower would be similar in design and appearance as Stanfield Road tower. Rhoades said the tower will be taller than Stanfield, but would be in similar in appearance.

Phillips asked how much space was required from the Carriage Crossing Park for the tower to be built.

Rhoades said it would take approximately 1-1.5 acres for the tower and fencing.

Phillips asked if there were any noise issues from the water towers.

“It’s a fill and (gravity tank) so the pump is at a different location along Experiment Farm so there is no noise associated with that,” Rhoades said.

The recommendation will be forwarded on to council for their consideration.

In other park board news:

Ken Siler, director of the recreation department, reported his staff is continuing to work with the architects on the design of the Hobart Arena’s expansion.

“We hope to have something in the next couple weeks,” Siler said.

Siler said weather has improved the Troy Aquatic Park’s attendance in the last few weeks. Siler said numbers are finally matching up to last year’s attendance, although 2014 was not a favorable year in terms of pool weather either.

“We’re just hoping it continues here in the next couple weeks before the kids go back to school,” Siler said.

Kappers asked if the TAP had a swim team. Siler reported there were 99 participants who compete against swim teams as far as Minster and other local areas.

Miami Shores Golf Course director Ken Green reported the O-rings of the course’s irrigation system were repaired. Green said he was able to find a vendor to repair the system for more than $5,000 less than previous vendors. Green said while the irrigation system was being repaired, the vendor used a camera to check the condition of the system which found no other damages while the system was open.

Green said the rough mowing vendor has agreed to continue their service for the next three years at the same price. Green said the gas prices helped keep the service price flat. Kappers and Phillips approved the contract.

Park board recommends south area of park for new elevated water tower

Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter