Carriage Crossing Park water tower clarification

In Thursday’s edition of the Troy Daily News, the article concerning the proposed site of the Carriage Crossing Park water tower requires clarification.

According to city safety and service directory Patrick Titterington, “The city of Troy’s park board can only recommended the proposed site because the city of Troy is the owner of the property. The proposed site is conditional upon city staff being able to move the tower south of the current recommendation and reconfigure the detention area that is now located on the southern border of the park. That will keep the tower as close to the manufacturing area – and away from the residential area – as possible.”

Titterington said if the above is not possible, the city engineers will need to go back to the park board for further review. Also, park board recommendations is not reviewed by city council, but the final decision is made by the mayor and city staff. Council will only authorize bidding for construction of the tower once the final site is determined.

According to Titterington,the City Engineer and Assistant City Engineer will hold an open house/public forum for the neighborhoods affect by and in the extra high service area before construction. At that forum, staff will have the maps identifying the location of the tower, the EHS area outlined, and alternative locations considered.