Council divided 5-4 on medical marijuana

Issue goes back to Planning Commission

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Council failed to pass its complete ban on medical marijuana, sending the ordinance back to Troy Planning Commission for review.

Council members Brock Heath, Robin Oda, John Twilliger, Bill Twiss, Tom Kendall voted in favor of banning medical marijuana from being dispensed within Troy city limits.

John Schweser, Bobby Phillips, Doug Tremblay, Lynne Snee voted against the amended ordinance.

Since the ordinance differed from the Troy Planning Commission’s recommendation allowing five dispensaries, council needed seven affirmative votes to pass the ban of medical marijuana.

The ordinance will go back to Troy Planning Commission for further action, according to director of public service and safety Patrick Titterington. Titterington also said the city’s 180-day moratorium will expire Jan. 14 and city staff will seek a six-month extension at a later meeting.

Brock Heath clarified before the vote that the ordinance does not ban a resident who has been prescribed medical marijuana from using in the city limits (not including impairment infractions), just from city pharmacies or dispensaries from distributing the medical marijuana within the city limits.

“Someone is able to go a city locally, if they pass this in the future, buy their products, come back to try and use it. This is just banning the dispensaries, cultivators and processors in the city (of Troy), ” Heath said.

Troy resident Aimee Shannon asked council to allow dispensaries in Troy to carry medical marijuana to help treat various medical conditions approved by the state.

“Medical marijuana is a medication, it is not a drug … there is no difference between a medical marijuana dispensary and a CVS pharmacy,” Shannon said. “There’s no ability to overdose on medical marijuana. There’s no ability to cause more harm than what we are seeing in our community from prescribed medication. This is a medication that can truly make a difference for people.”

Ohio’s medical marijuana program is still being set up by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

“I ask you to please not ban dispensaries in Troy,” Shannon said, noting Troy residents may need the medication in the future.

The Troy Planning Commission recommended up to five dispensaries in the city of Troy, not including downtown. Council member John Schweser amended the recommendation to limit it to three in business districts, before Brock Heath proposed a total ban in the city.

Resident Lester Conard said he too, supports medical marijuana, but not recreational marijuana, to help those in need.

Conard also said the city seemed to be spending a lot of money on consultants, including the traffic study approved by council. Council authorized the study to be conducted by Woolpert Inc. for parking and traffic up to $60,000.

According to the committee report, the traffic analysis boundary is within up to two blocks of Public Square in all four directions, while the parking analysis boundary includes beyond the Courthouse area. The additional work will look at further conversion from four lanes on Main and Market streets, noting that the traffic flow on the east side of the public square works well with that pattern.

Council approved an agreement with RA Consultants for West Milton Water Study Phase 2 for $75,000. The second phase of the study will provide the city with data needed to make a decision related to the West Milton system. The scope of work for the study includes a detailed rate analysis, perform asset inventory and condition assessment, agreement between West Milton and Troy and develop an implementation plan.

Titterington said the phase two of the study will be more detailed concerning West Milton’s water sources than the phase 1 study conducted several years ago, which was a broad study overall.

Issue goes back to Planning Commission

By Melanie Yingst