Troy BOE talks free lunches

By Allison C. Gallagher -

TROY — Back-to-school business, including an update on the free lunch and breakfasts at Heywood and Kyle Elementary Schools, were the main topics at the Troy City Schools board of education meeting Aug. 10.

Business Manager and Director of Human Resources Marion Stout said Heywood and Kyle were eligible for 100 percent free breakfasts and lunches under a state formula to determine which schools had a need.

This past year, there were 19,033 breakfasts served at Heywood, which was up 2,699 from last year and 15,299 breakfasts served at Kyle, which was an increase from 2,179 from last year.

34,530 lunches were served at Heywood, which was up 2,954 from last year, and 37,140 lunches were served at Kyle which increased by 5,804 from last year.

“Participation had increased, but revenue was down compared to if people had continued to pay the regular price for lunches,” she said.

Her recommendation to the board was to start looking ahead for ways to keep revenue up.

In other business, Director of Facilities and Maintenance Tytus Jacobs shared updates over the renovations to the buildings throughout the district. Most of the projects are completed, with the exception being the construction on the roof of the high school.

Jacobs said the delay came as a result of the batch of rainstorms a few weeks prior, but assured board members the work should be finished by the time school starts, if not a few days after the first day of school.

“It will be very close,” he said.

The board approved a contract with Troy Christian Schools to provide transportation to resident pupils, which is a requirement by state law, and approved increasing substitute pay to $95 per day.

High school art teacher and art department chair Jill Hartman also made a presentation. Last school year, she and 13 students worked on two mosaics. The criteria for the mosaics, set by high school principal Bill Overla, was they had to be Trojan-themed.

The end result is two mosaics, one of which has the Trojan logo and star, while the other includes the words to the alma mater.

“The only thing the school had to pay for was the grout, but everything else to the mosaics came from recycled materials,” Hartman said.

The mosaics will go in the commons area and beside the stairwell outside the counselor’s office.

By Allison C. Gallagher

Reach Allison C. Gallagher at or on Twitter@Troydailynews.

Reach Allison C. Gallagher at or on Twitter@Troydailynews.