Bethel school construction on schedule

By Cecilia Fox -

BETHEL TOWNSHIP — At their meeting Monday night, the Bethel Board of Education heard an update on construction.

District owner’s representative Joe Harkleroad provided an update on the school addition site work. According to Harkleroad, work is progressing on the installation of utilities for the new wing on schedule.

“You can see if you drive around there all the electric that’s going in, the bases for the light fixtures, the gas line’s going in, the water, the sewer. All the infrastructure’s going in,” Harkleroad said.

This work is being completed in preparation for the construction of the loop road and parking areas. Harkleroad said that this portion of the project should be completed in time for fall sports.

“As of right now, (the contractor) is still anticipating having asphalt in place for the north loop road and the parking lot at the rear, so that for football games and those types of activities you should be in great shape,” Harkleroad said.

He estimates that the contractors should start pouring asphalt by next week.

He also discussed the project’s “rock situation.” During the site planning process, limestone was discovered close to the surface and changes were made to avoid costly excavation.

According to Harkleroad, the district has a $100,000 budget for rock removal.

“And to date, we’re into that to the tune of $18,500,” he said. “We don’t know what we’re going to get into…But so far, so good.”

Harkleroad also said that renovations in the old building experienced a small setback. While the girls bathroom will be functional, some tiles will be missing when school starts later this month.

“We have had a real hassle with the tile,” he said.

Decorative honeycomb tiles were special ordered for the project, but the waste factor was not properly calculated, Harkleroad explained. In order to fit properly, the tiles had to be cut to size. More tile has been ordered, but will not be delivered until September.

The tiles are only intended to be used as an accent on the walls, so when students come back to school, the bathroom will be open. Harkleroad said contractors will complete the work on a weekend when the tiles arrive.

By Cecilia Fox