Still time to see exhibit, Christmas decorations at Hayner

TROY — There is still time to see the holiday decorations and Christmas Legends exhibit at Troy-Hayner Cultural Center. The Hayner Center is located at 301 W. Main St., Troy. There is no cost to see the decorations and exhibit that will be on display through Dec. 31.

Every area of the beautiful Hayner mansion features delightful Christmas decorations by many talented individuals. This year’s decorators include:

The Courtyard, East Room, Hall and Lower Staircase: Mary Nilsen, Rich Nilsen, Donna Crosier, Josh Howard, Vicky Hand, Carolyn Kniesley, Gwen Kouts, Diana Rench, Sue Oda and Madonna Corwin.

The Upper Staircase and Window Seat: Jackie Boyd, Pam Voisard, Joyce McNemar, Brenda Rice, Judy Fiessinger, with contributions by Meghan Fiessinger, Lauren Fiessinger, Makenzie Ellerman and Kelsea Ellerman.

The Fulker-Nichols Gallery: The 3 Wierd Sisters Studio — Kelly Rank, Ginger Godfrey, Doris Richards and Kim Montgomery.

The Solarium: Dawn Flory, Kaitlyn Flory and the Homeschool Art Students.

The Study: David Fair on the Square — David Fair and Gina Griffith.

The Parlor: Your Personal Florist — Lori Stotler.

The Conference Room: James Novotny and Sheila Fulks.

The Ball Room: Miami County Herb Society – Georgia Bayman, Sue Deeter, Norv Deeter, Carol Gross, Cindi Cooper, Jan Mescher, June Nakayama, Joanna Pittenger, Jane Malafa, Dave Werts, Wanda Trembley, Thaleia Maher. Nutcracker collection is courtesy Sandy Fisher. The ballerina collection is courtesy of Cynthia Shreffler.

The Art Studio: Kim Clifton, Carol Bellas Dawn Flory.

Have you ever wondered why we decorate Christmas trees or hang stockings at Christmas? “Christmas Legends” is an exhibit that explains how certain traditions began. Judy Deeter, president of The Troy Historical Society and the Overfield Tavern Museum, curated this informative exhibit. Julie McMiller and Gerri Nichols assisted Judy Deeter in curating the display and Joyce Fraas shared her collection of cross-stitched Santas for this exhibit.

For more information, visit or call (937) 339-0457.