Mayor offers hope, prosperity for coming year

Lists top priorities for the city in 2017

By Melody Vallieu -

TROY — Troy Mayor Michael Beamish believes Troy already is on the right path to prosperity in the new year.

The longtime public servant said the county seat has so much to offer already — citing the dining, shopping and events downtown to the multitude of offerings at Hobart Arena throughout the year.

“My whole mission has always been quality of life, recreation and safety,” Beamish said. “I’m feeling good about 2016. We saw lot of growth. We just need to continue on with that.”

Beamish said he continues to see economic development as the No. 1 priority for the city. He said many major industries already in the city saw growth, expanding buildings and gaining employees in 2016.

“I will continue to do everything in my power to work with the Troy Development Council and the Dayton region in retaining, expanding, and bringing new businesses and jobs to our region and community,” he said. “Priority must be given to developing a skilled workforce for today’s jobs. This ensures our city’s financial stability.”

Beamish, a former school administrator, said the continued partnership between the city and Troy schools also ranks high in priority. Having school resource officers at all three levels of education in the city is something Beamish is especially proud of, he said.

“I am very proud to say that that is something I helped to promote,” said Beamish, whose wife, Ginny, is a Troy City Schools Board of Education member.

Beamish brought the city and schools even further together this year, organizing a community spirit rally between Troy City Schools and Troy Christian in support of their successful football seasons.

Beamish also said programs such as The Future Begins Today, Dollars for College, the Mayor’s Youth Council, Teen Leaders and later Leadership Troy are ways to help the youth of the community all the way through adulthood.

Beamish said he also continues to work on his goal of having a four-year college, or satellite program of one, within the city of Troy. Although Urbana University left, he said there has been some renewed interest in returning, as well as talks with Indiana Wesleyan.

With the success of Treasure Island’s 2016 opening, Beamish said continuing riverfront development as it relates to work force and economic development also is on his 2017 list.

“Treasure Island opening was a huge success,” he said “The parks, the downtown and the river, these all are treasures we need to promote.”

The newly renovated Hobart Arena also is a jewel for the city, he added.

“When other arenas are closing and having hardships, we are enhancing our arena,” Beamish said.

Maintaining the quality of life, which includes recreational, educational and cultural activities for all ages, is something Beamish said he looks to continue long into the future.

Supporting the downtown as the vibrant “living room” of the community always has been important to him as a resident and as the mayor, he said.

“When you bring people into your home, you want to bring them into your living room,” Beamish said. “The downtown is our living room. It’s just a beautiful scene with lots of activities.

“We’re a small Midwestern city with big town taste,” he said.

Efforts to keep Troy a clean, well-maintained city are always at the top of the to-do list, Beamish said. He said he also believes in promoting an open door policy at City Hall by providing accessibility to all department heads, and welcoming residents to City Hall.

Continued efforts that maintain the health and safety of residents also is always on his mind, Beamish said.

“We are the county seat of Miami County. We have a proven track record of having big events in the city,” said Beamish, citing events such as the Mumford & Sons event, Strawberry Festival and newly announced Tour de Donuts.

“Troy is a bike-friendly community and known for our strawberry doughnuts, so why not bring them together in one great event, the Tour de Donuts?” he said.

Overall, Beamish said while all cities have their crosses to bear, Troy is a great place to work, live and play.

“I am very fortunate to be the mayor in a community that can see the vision of the future and are good financial stewards,” he said.

He added his personal wishes for the community in the coming year.

“On behalf of me and my beautiful wife, Ginny, we wish everyone a healthy and productive 2017. Happy New Year to all.”
Lists top priorities for the city in 2017

By Melody Vallieu

Reach Melody Vallieu at or call her at ((37) 552-2131

Reach Melody Vallieu at or call her at ((37) 552-2131