County auditor to collect unpaid charges

By Cecilia Fox -

WEST MILTON — The West Milton council authorized several resolutions at their meeting Tuesday, including one concerning the collection of unpaid water and sewer fees.

Council passed an ordinance referring delinquent water and sewer accounts, the costs of grass, weed, and litter removal, and sewer line repair assessments to the county auditor for collection.

The village code states that unpaid water and sewer charges may be certified to the auditor to be placed as a tax lien or assessed against a property for collection along with other taxes.

Costs incurred by the village for the removal of weeds, litter, and grass can also be collected as tax liens or assessments.

There are more than 30 delinquent water and sewer accounts and eight lawn cutting assessments.

The total charges against each account or property are payable to the village finance director by Sept. 10, 2015. After that, the charges can be paid to the Miami County Auditor in the full amount shown, including a five percent service charge levied by the Auditor’s Office.

Council also approved an agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation for work that will be completed in West Milton.

Because ODOT plans to repave part of State Route 48 inside of the West Milton limits, council approved an agreement allowing these repairs to take place. At council’s previous meeting, municipal manager Matt Kline said that the agreement was necessary for the project to move forward.

Council also authorized a contract for employee health insurance through United Healthcare.

The one year contract begins Sept. 1 and ends Aug. 31, 2016, at rates as provided by McGohan Brabender of Dayton. The current health insurance contract ends Aug. 31.

Council also authorized the finance director to make deposits into employee health savings accounts. This amounts is not to exceed 50 percent of the deductible of the plan chosen by each employee.

By Cecilia Fox