Commissioners approve agreements

By Cecilia Fox -

MIAMI COUNTY — At their meeting Thursday, the Miami County Commissioners approved several agreements and heard the results of a traffic study.

The commissioners approved a study of driving speed on a two mile stretch of Scarff Road in Bethel Township. The study showed that most drivers are traveling below the current 55 mph limit in this residential area.

The study was requested by the Bethel Township trustees. The study looked at the section of Scarff Road between U.S. Route 40 and State Route 571.

According to county engineer Paul Huelskamp, the speed study was not designed to count how many drivers are speeding and then reduce the speed limit. The speed review studies how fast people are actually driving, and then determines a reasonable and safe speed.

The study determined that the 85th percentile speed of vehicles is under the current speed limit — or 85 percent of vehicles are going under the speed limit and 15 percent are going over it.

“That 85th percentile bell-shaped curve — which seems to work out really well — are the people who are traveling the safe speed for the road,” Huelskamp said.

The results of the study and the recommended speed limit reduction will be forwarded to the Ohio Department of Transportation, which will make the final decision.

The commissioners also approved an agreement with Upper Valley Medical Center for an onsite, full-time Medicaid eligibility specialist on behalf of Job and Family Services.

The specialist will meet with uninsured patients at the hospital to determine their eligibility for and help them apply for Medicaid, JFS Director Teresa Brubaker said.

“This has many benefits to it,” Brubaker said. “This will facilitate the Medicaid application process for those individuals who are going to the hospital that are uninsured”

This agreement also alleviates staff time spent on customer service calls and gives the hospital a primary contact for a staff member to help facilitate the process, she explained.

The total cost of services is $50,168, of which UVMC will reimburse half and the rest will be federally reimbursed.

The commissioners approved an agreement with the Ohio Attorney General on behalf of the Municipal Court for debt collections. The Attorney General’s office will deduct collection costs plus interest and fees from all amounts collected.

There is no financial obligation on the part of the commissioners or the courts, as a 10 percent collection fee will be added to the accounts.

The commissioners also awarded a five year printer equipment service contract to Woodhull of Springboro in the amount of 4.95 cents per color page and 2.17 cents per black and white page.

According to IT Director Matt Watkins, the count prints nearly 2.15 million black and white pages a year and a much smaller number of color pages.

By Cecilia Fox