Hearing for medicinal marijuana dispensaries on agenda

Recommendation is for three retail dispensaries

By Melanie Yingst - myingst@civitasmedia.com

TROY — The Troy City Council will have a public hearing regarding the retail dispensaries of medical marijuana on Tuesday.

On Dec. 14, Troy Planning Commission voted to recommend to city council a citywide ban on cultivators and processors of medical marijuana and allow a maximum of three medical marijuana retail dispensaries in the B-4 Highway Service Business District only. The ordinance amends the city’s zoning code.

The public hearing on Jan. 17 will also include the rezoning of 214 S. Mulberry St. from M-2 light industrial to B-2 general business.

The agenda also includes the following resolutions:

R-2-2017 — Authorize bidding of the 2017 Water Line Improvement Project at a cost not to exceed $500,000

The project includes replacing water lines on Franklin Street between Oak and East Main Street, Ellis Street between Franklin and Race Drive and on South Counts Street between Martin and East Main. The project will replace existing 4 to 6-inch water lines to 8-inch water lines.

R-3-2017 — Authorize bidding for the South Stanfield Road Storm Sewer Project at a cost not to exceed $125,000

The project would install approximately 830 feet of 12 inch storm sewer pile on South Stanfield Road between Morning Glory Circle and Commerce Center Boulevard. It would re-route public storm water away from a private detention pond.

R-4-2017 — Name Hobart Arena’s new multipurpose room “The Lucia and Robert Bravo Room”

The Parks and Recreation Committee agreed to recommend that Hobart Arena’s new multipurpose room be named “The Lucia and Robert Bravo Room” or “Bravo Room.” .

The Bravos are deceased, but the recommendation has been reviewed by their son Alexandre Bravo and he granted permission for the naming. The Troy community has benefited from the philanthropic contributions of the Bravos. The Bravos donated more than $1 million in 1995 to help renovate and update the Hobart Arena beginning in 1997.

R-5-2017 — Authorize bidding of the South Mulberry Street Parking Lot Project at a cost not to exceed $420,000

The scope of the project includes parking lot construction/reconstruction on both sides of Mulberry Street, resurfacing of the lot located on South Walnut Street, storm sewer improvements, the police department exterior wall improvements and will increase parking spaces for the police staff and general public. Funding was designated in 2016.

R-6-2017 — Great Miami Riverway Placemaking Initiative Agreement with the Miami Conservancy District for the River Corridor Improvement Subdistrict of the MCD.

The five-year agreement will cost $62,500 over the time period for administrative and operating costs of the coalition. The agreement is to assist Troy to help market and enhance the city’s riverfront. A full-time riverway coordinator would be appointed for the city if passed. Emergency action has been requested.

R-7-2017 — Amend the Ohio Department of Transportation agreement regarding the State Route 41 Signal Interconnect Project. ODOT has changed a procedure and the city needs to amend its agreement from 2015.

R-8-2017 — Application to OWDA for funding for the Stanfield Road Water Tower Project. The city is requesting to apply for the Ohio Water Development Authority for a loan of $3.098,653 for the new 0.75 million gallon Stanfield Road Water Tower Project. The interest rate is projected to be 2.92 percent from the OWDA. This is a lower interest rate and lower fee schedule than bonding the project, according to the committee report. The OWDA loan cannot be paid off ahead of its term.


O-4-2017 — Levy assessments for sidewalk portion of Streetscape 3B Project

The Streetscape 3B sidewalk project from East Main Street from Walnut Street is complete. The cost of the sidewalk work was $57,044. Property owners will have 30 days after the ordinance date is passed to make payment to the city or a five-year lien on property taxes will be certified through the county for collection.

Recommendation is for three retail dispensaries

By Melanie Yingst


Follow Melanie Yingst on Twitter @Troydailynews

Follow Melanie Yingst on Twitter @Troydailynews