Increased patrols for Super Bowl weekend

By Sam Wildow -



MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Sheriff’s Office announced there will be increased traffic patrols and deputies out on the road this Super Bowl weekend for traffic enforcement purposes and watching out for drunk drivers.

Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak explained the sheriff’s office is funding the overtime for the extra deputies through a federal grant administered by the Ohio Traffic Safety Office. Super Bowl weekend is one of the target weekends for increasing patrols due to the usual increase in drinking associated with the Super Bowl. The grant also pays a percentage of the fuel costs for the deputies’ cruisers.

“Obviously there’s a lot of Super Bowl parties, so usually that involves drinking in some manner,” Duchak said. The sheriff’s office hopes the increased patrols will remove any drivers consuming alcohol from the road as well as act as a deterrent for anyone thinking of drinking and driving this weekend.

“Have a designated driver,” Duchak said. “We want everybody to have a good time … so plan ahead.” Duchak encouraged those planning to consume alcohol this weekend to have a designated driver lined up or plan on using a cab company or a transportation service like Uber or Lyft.

“Arrive and leave your destination safely,” Duchak said. “We’ll be out there in case anybody chooses not to have a designated driver.”

If you choose to drink this weekend please make sure and have a designated driver.

The sheriff’s office provided the following tips to follow this weekend:

• Know the rules: It’s illegal everywhere in America to drive with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher. If you drink and drive, you won’t get hit with a yellow flag; you’ll get pulled over, arrested, and prosecuted. Your wallet takes a hit, too; the average DUI costs about $10,000.

• Play it safe: When it comes to safe ride choices, you’ve got more options than the wishbone offense. From buses and trains to car services and designated drivers, connect with the option that will get you home safely. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration even has an app for that — SaferRide — which is available for Apple and Android devices and can connect you to a local cab company or with a friend who can come pick you up. If you’re hosting, make sure your guests have a safe ride home.

• Lean on your MVP: Encourage guests to be sober-designated drivers and name them your party’s Most Valuable Players for stepping up.

Know the score: You already know that, on average, three people will lose their lives to drunk driving just in the time it takes to watch the football game. But did you know that drunk driving accounts for almost one of every three deaths on our roads every year? In 2015 alone, 10,265 people were killed in drunk driving crashes. Your winning play is to never get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.

These keys to the game will make sure Super Bowl LI is remembered for a big win rather than a tragic loss of life due to drunk driving. However you or your guests travel on Super Bowl Sunday, always buckle up. Your seat belt is your best defense in any vehicle crash.


By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336