Sir Lance “bowls” through Diaper Derby

Anthony Weber | Troy Daily News Lance Lampert competes in the winners heat of the Diaper Derby Sunday at Center Stage. Lampert, who won the heat is the son of Jenna and Adam Lampert of Tipp City.

TROY — It was a dramatic race, but one baby “bowled” over the others in the 2015 Diaper Derby.

The race started with Chairman Doug Stone switching things up on parents and spectators. Because of this year’s theme being “Bowling for Berries,” Stone said the babies to “bowl” through their respective “lanes” to victory.

Diaper Derby Chairwoman Becky Pappas explained the rules of the derby. There were four heats leading up to the final round.

Parents were allowed to sit at the end and coax the baby with whatever toys or items they had, and babies would reach the finish line once one hand touched the carpet. Any child that stood up had to return to the start.

Pappas said the babies can participate in the diaper derby at the age they begin to crawl. The youngest baby at the derby was eight months old. The number of participants was down, but otherwise the derby was held on a great day.

“Today we got lucky,” she said. “Last year it was so cold and raining we couldn’t hold it, so this year we had a backup plan in case.”

However, nothing takes away from the popularity of the derby.

“Diaper Derby is one of the best events because the babies are so cute and everyone likes the babies and it’s funny and it’s just a lot of fun,” she said.

Strawberry Queen Bobbi-Jo Myers and her attendants, Maggie Cook and Caroline Elsass-Smith, decided upon the best theme-related costume, which went to Jaxson Daniels.

The four heats were full of laughter, giggling from babies, encouragement from parents and shiny objects being dangled over the rug for the babies to crawl to.

Some participants blazed past the competition, while others were okay with hanging out in the sun and taking a nap at the starting line.

Four babies made it to the final heat. It was a tough race, but with a wiggle in his crawl Lance Lampert was the winner of the derby. Following after him in second was Chloe Parin and Louis Subler in third.

Lance’s parents, Adam and Jenna Lampert of Tipp City, said this was their first time participating in the Diaper Derby and that they were a little nervous as far as what they could expect from their son.

“He loves to crawl at home, but he’s a very timid baby,” Jenna said. “We didn’t know what he would do.”

Adam commented how baby Lance needed motivation first, which thankfully he had on the mat.

“He was just hungry, so I think he was crawling towards the food,” Jenna said.

Lance’s costume included a cape they fashioned after Sir Lancelot of King Arthur fame, which was a play on his name being Lance and borrowed from the theme of his first birthday on May 25.