Tour de Donut taking shape

Course stops, ‘Glazer’ choice announced

TROY — The Tour de Donut is off to a sweet start with a record number of participants signed up during the early registration period.

Last December, officials announced Troy as the new location for the 11th annual Tour de Donut cycling event. The event hosted 1,500 cyclists last year in the village of Arcanum, where the event was held for the last decade.

The Tour de Donut will start and end around the Public Square of historic downtown Troy on Saturday, Sept. 16. Registration for the event opened Jan. 1.

With the event moved to downtown Troy, the 2,000 number cap will be increased to 3,000 in order to accommodate the growing demand of interested cyclists who travel to this event from 30 states — including a rider from Alaska last year.

According to “Head Donut” Roger Bowersock, more than 400 cyclists have already signed up, more than double than in previous tours.

Bowersock playfully stated cyclists are “terrible about signing up late” and most people sign up for the tour in July and August.

“Currently we have people registered from Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, Indiana, West Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, Illinois and Florida,” Bowersock said via email.

Bowersock said the tour will be using Schulers Bakery in Springfield for its 12,000-plus glazed doughnuts. The Troy Strawberry Festival’s fan favorite strawberry doughnuts by the Troy Music Boosters will be the tour’s famous “Glazer” doughnut.

“The band will be manning the glazer stop, which will make for a great experience for everyone,” Bowersock said. The stop will be at the stadium where they make the doughnuts.

Bowersock noted that the Tour de Donut had tried to work with a local supplier though they required that they make all the doughnuts.

“We really liked the idea of adding the band’s strawberry doughnut to the mix,” he said.

Another local connection to the tour will be Winan’s, who will be providing coffee for participants at the Miami County Park District’s Garby’s Big Woods doughnut stop.

Tour de Donut courses revealed

Bowersock said the tour’s courses “are starting to take shape.” The courses will be located in the eastern part of Miami County with the start and finish at the Troy Public Square.

The “Mini” 16-mile course will feature one doughnut stop at Garbry’s Big Woods. The full 32-mile tour will have a doughnut stop at the Elizabeth Township Center and Garbry’s Big Woods. The “Double D” 64-mile tour will add the Indian Creek Distillery to the previous two stops.

All courses visit The Glazer stop for a strawberry doughnut worth a 10 minute deduction, Bowersock said.

Bowersock said there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available with the event. The Tour De Donut is seeking a children’s event coordinator, volunteers at each doughnut stop, as well as volunteers for registration on Friday evening and Saturday morning at the Troy Rec. Volunteers are also need to help set-up and tear down before and after the events.

Sponsors can show their support of the event with 15-foot-tall “feather” flags with company logos at the start and finish line.

Volunteer and sponsor forms, as well as registration for the event, is online on the website at
Course stops, ‘Glazer’ choice announced