Council approves paving, purchases

By Cecilia Fox -

WEST MILTON — On Tuesday, the West Milton village council met and approved several resolutions, including paving and purchases, followed by another council meeting held by the Milton-Union senior honors government class.

The mock council meeting followed the usual council meeting conventions, including the pledge of allegiance and a prayer led by one of the students. The students also drafted and passed their own resolutions.

One resolution was modeled after a proposal currently being discussed by the village council, the Stillwater Crossing development. The student council also discussed illegal drug activity in the community.

Council passed a resolution “strongly opposing” Gov. Kasich’s proposed biennial state budget, which includes a provision that would centralize the collection of business income taxes.

The resolution describes the tax provision as a “clear attack on the home rule powers” of municipalities. West Milton is the latest local municipality to register its opposition to the proposal.

“It’s obviously not a very popular proposal,” Municipal Manger Matt Kline said. “We concentrated our efforts on the home rule aspects. Since we basically are a bedroom community, quite frankly from a fiscal standpoint it probably would not affect us as much.”

Council voted to approve the annual paving program, awarding the bid to Wagner Paving in an amount not to exceed $80,000.

According to Service Director Ben Herron, many of the areas scheduled to be repaved overlap with areas that are due for inflow and infiltration sewer work.

“We’re working our paving, I think smartly, around (inflow and infiltration) repairs to our sanitary system…so that we’re not paving roads just to have someone come in and tear them up,” Herron said.

Herron said the program will repave several highly-traveled areas in West Milton that the village has no record of ever having been surfaced.

“These are streets that have never been milled and we have no record of what’s underneath them. So you’re opening up a can of worms,” Kline said.

The program involves several alleys, including one just north of the library, between Wagner Road and West Hamilton Street, between Hamilton Street and Forest Avenue, between Forest Avenue and Park Avenue, between South Street and Water Street.

The village also has plans to mill a stretch of East Frederick-Garland and add new markings, Herron said.

Council also approved the purchase of a 40-foot articulating boom lift for the service department at a cost of $21,597 from United Rentals of Columbus. It replaces an older unity used by the department.

“It was far and away the best apparatus and the best price,” Kline said.

The service department uses a lift for many things, but especially traffic light maintenance and for putting up Hometown Heroes banners.

“A lot of people in this community don’t understand and see how much that our folks that work for the village do what they can to save as much money for the village so they can use it for other things,” Mayor Scott Fogle said.

By Cecilia Fox

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