Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

March 23

SCHOOL ISSUE: A Miami County Sheriff’s School Resource Officer investigated a report of a female student passing out mediation to other students. One female juvenile was charged with drug trafficking for bringing the prescription Xanax to school. Three other students were charged with drug possession for taking the pills. The juvenile said she got the pills from her older sister who got them from a co-worker in Huber Heights.

HORSE LOOSE: On the date and time listed a deputy was dispatched to the intersection of Alcony-Conover Rd at St.

Rt. 36 for a horse in the roadway. Karen with the Humane Shelter responded and was able to catch the horse. Karen stated the horse belong to the residence in the 7800 block of Alcony-Conover Road and she walked to horse to the residence. At the residence the deputy made contact with the owner of the horse and advised her of the situation. The homeowner took possession of the horse and secured it in the barn. She stated due to the recent rains the creek that runs through her property must have washed her fence down and stated she would check the fence in the morning.

March 24

NEEDLE FOUND: While walking outside today Mr. Woodworth found a needle at the end of his driveway. He requested it be picked up by our Office and disposed off. The needle was placed in the evidence locker to be destroyed.

TRESPASSING: A property owner reported that two no trespassing signs had been moved and torn down from the property he owns at 4400 block of Lefevre Road, Troy. It is unknown who did this and he just requested a report be filed for now. He stated he will call back if he finds more damage or gets any suspect information.

MISSING TURTLE: A homeowner called 9-1-1 to report her African Sulcata turtle was possibly stolen from 8300 block of Wolcott Road, Conover. She said she and her husband left for about three hours and placed the turtle in a fenced in area behind the residence. The deputy asked her if she locked the gate before she left and she stated she did. She also advised that the gate was still locked when they returned home. She can’t say for sure but she thinks someone stole the turtle. She wanted us to be aware in case someone called in and found the turtle. The deputy advised her to check with her family members as well. Case is pending at this time.

INDECENT EXPOSURE: A refused caller reported a juvenile on the roof of 12 E. Monument exposing himself and knew the juvenile by name. Upon arrival the deputy knocked on the door several times to wake up the juvenile’s grandmother. The deputy could see the grandmother asleep in a chair through the window. She answered the door and she advised her why a deputy was there and inquired if the juvenile was home. The juvenile came outside and he was clearly intoxicated. His speech was slurred, his eyes were bloodshot and the deputy could smell the odor of marijuana on his person.The juvenile advised he had been drinking rum and smoking marijuana and he stated he had friends over. He listed five friends who came tot he door. All were found to be drinking rum and smoking marijuana. All parties involved contacted their parents and were picked up by their parents. All were informed of their charges and they would receive a summons in the mail.

March 25

CRACK FOUND: A deputy was informed by Corrections staff of a drug offense in the Miami County Jail. The deputy was informed a Bruce Sargent was just incarcerated and discovered to be in possession of a drug. The deputy was presented the evidence that was seized from Bruce Sargent. The drug appeared to be crack cocaine. Corrections staff informed the deputy they located a baggie of a crack cocaine between Bruce Sargent’s legs while in his cell. Bruce stated he located the baggie near the toilet. Bruce stated he did not have possession of the drug when he came into the Miami County Jail. Bruce Sargent refused to complete a written statement. Evidence was photographed and placed in a evidence locker.

PILL BOX FOUND: The Miami County Jail staff discovered a pill box in one of the showers. The pill box was found to be empty when it was collected by jail staff. Having the no evidentiary value the pill box was handed over and booked it into the Miami County Sheriff’s Office property room to be destroyed.

TRUCK ITEMS STOLEN: A deputy responded to the4000 block of Lisa Drive, Huber Heights, in reference to a theft complaint. Batteries had been removed from a semi parked at the location. Additionally, the lock on the rear of the attached trailer had been broken, and the trailer opened. At this time, there are no leads or suspects.

INADEQUATE BACK STOP: A resident in the 800 block of New Carlisle Road, Tipp City called 9-1-1 and reported that his neighbors were shooting guns and came very close to his residence almost striking his driveway. The resident said he was outside with his children playing and believed a bullet landed near them in their yard. The resident advised that he didn’t want anyone to get in trouble he just wanted to make sure they were shooting safely. The deputy then responded to 5300 Westland Drive and spoke with the homeowner. He admitted he and his son were shooting 9mm handguns in the backyard. The deputy walked out there and saw that they were just shooting at a pile of logs. The deputy informed Mr. Horvath that they were not shooting at a safe back stop and that the logs were not safe to shoot at. The deputy warned Mr. Horvath to set up a safe area to shoot or he could be charged if he continued to shoot at logs. He stated he understood and said he wouldn’t shoot anymore and would go to a range. Case is now closed.

March 26

DRUG INSTRUMENTS: A deputy was patrolling southbound on S. Miami St. inside the Village of West

Milton, Union Township when the deputy observed two males drive by in the listed vehicle. As they observed the deputy turning around, they quickly pulled into Fifth Third Bank and neither occupant exited the car.

Upon further investigation. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and released to his father. The passenger was taken into custody and charged with wrongful entrustment, possession of drug abuse instruments and possession of cocaine. Englewood Towing was dispatched to the scene to take custody of the vehicle

FAILURE TO CONTROL: A deputy was dispatched to an injury accident in the 600 block of E. Main Street, Bradford. The driver, Logan Pilkins, lost control of his vehicle and struck an electric pole. Logan refused transport by squad. While conducting an inventory search of the vehicle, marijuana and a pipe were located in the drivers side door. Logan admitted they belonged to him. A deputy conducted field sobriety tests on Logan of which he passed. He denied using any of the marijuana today. He was cited with failure to control and possession of marijuana.

March 27

FALSE REPORT: A deputy was dispatched to the 8700 block of E. US Rt. 36 in reference to a female reporting her vehicle was stolen. Upon speaking with her on the phone she advised me her fiance stole the vehicle and some cash from her purse. The vehicle was later located in the driveway of her residence. The female later admitted to filing a false report. Female was charged accordingly.

TRUCK STOLEN: A deputy was dispatched to a welfare check in the area of E. U.S. RT. 36 and Casstown Sidney Rd. While the deputy was en-route the male was witnessed stealing a truck. The suspect was apprehended later after he fled from officers.

JAIL ISSUE: The jail called and advised they had an individual incarcerated and had brought contraband into the jail. The deputy arrived and was advised that April Finley had a syringe in her bra and that was found during the pat down. The syringe had not been use and appeared new. The syringe was turned over to me and will be booked into the property room to be destroyed.