County to study development between Troy, Piqua

By Cecilia Fox -

MIAMI COUNTY — With the goal of encouraging future development, the county is seeking consultants to study the undeveloped area between Troy and Piqua.

The county is currently seeking consultants to perform a study of the County Road 25-A corridor from the northern Troy city limits to the southern Piqua city limits, including the area around Interstate 75’s Exit 78.

“We want have the highest and best use for that area. That’s the last major interchange undeveloped in the county, so it has a lot of opportunity and potential,” the county’s new development director Richard Osgood said.

According to Osgood, the goal is to come up with marketable, development-ready plans. As yet, there are no confirmed “end-users,” he said.

“We just want to complete a plan so that we have some things in place so we can then market that interchange,” he added.

The firm hired to complete the study would be looking at infrastructure necessary for improvements, creating design concepts, and coming up with plans to market the area.

The area to be studied also includes the proposed site for the Experiment Farm Road/Farrington Road surface mining operation. The application for that operation was withdrawn before a meeting with the county’s board of zoning appeals last fall.

As the process moves forward, the county will be working with the cities of Troy and Piqua, as well as property owners in the area.

“Those two cities are going to have critical input as this moves forward. It’s going to be one where everyone is involved, everyone has ownership and everyone, hopefully, is happy with the results,” he said.

The department wants to have public input in the process, Osgood said, adding that it is important that surrounding property owners are included in the planning.

“At the same time, we’re sensitive to the neighboring and adjoining properties,” Osgood said. “They will be critical and integral to the process…”This is theirs as much as it is the county’s.”

The Department for Development’s request for proposals has a deadline of late April, after which the department will consider potential firms to complete the study. Public involvement meetings will likely be held later in the year.

By Cecilia Fox