Construction supervision contract awarded

Covington continues improving wastewater plant

By Sam Wildow -

COVINGTON — Covington Council approved the construction supervision contract for the improvement project of the Wastewater Treatment Plant during their meeting Monday evening. The council awarded the contract to CH2M Hill at a cost of $268,453.

CH2M Hill completed the engineering design work for the improvement project. The council also approved their last payment of $18,228 to CH2M Hill for the design work.

The first phase of the improvements that CH2M Hill designed and will oversee the construction of will include:

• New ultraviolet disinfection and post-aeration structure and facilities

• Demolition of the existing chlorine and post-aeration basins

• New plant effluent pump station with a valve vault, monitoring manhole, and associated yard piping

• Modifications to the plant’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system as it relates to new facilities

• Outdoor lighting associated with new facilities

• Ancillary civil, structural, process, electrical, and instrumentation related to the new facilities

The council also approved a contract with Wagner Paving to mill Chestnut Street as part of the village’s ongoing Safe Routes to School project. Due to the bids coming in low for the Safe Routes to School project, Village Administrator Mike Busse proposed replacing the curb on Chestnut Street from Wenrick Street to Sharon Street and first milling the asphalt off so that contractors will know where the curb is supposed to be located.

“I’m proposing that we contract with Wagner Paving to mill Chestnut Street in anticipation of the Safe Routes to School project,” Busse said, adding this is something that the village already planned to do as part of their repaving program. This will allow the village to establish a new finished pavement height for the new curb ramps and for the curb that will be replaced on the south side of Chestnut Street, Busse said.

The council approved a day rate cost of $8,986 with Wagner Paving.

Also during their meeting, the council held a public hearing about rezoning the area of the village from Bridge Street to Broadway and Wenrick to Pearl Street. Busse explained that the area, when it was being developed, was zoned as multi-family homes regardless of whether or not the homes became a single-family residence instead, as residences that are zoned multi-family can also have just a single family living in them.

Busse noted that since around 2008, some of those homes have been converted into multi-use apartments without regard to whether or not there was enough parking or adequate water service.

Busse said that the village went to each residence and/or business in that area to see what their current use was, whether or not the home was a single-family residence. In addition to some of the single-family residences being zoned as multi-family homes, some of the residences were actually zoned as businesses when they had not been used as a business for a number of years.

The rezoning of that area is to meant to reflect the properties’ current use. The council heard the first reading of that zoning change as well.

Later, the council accepted the resignation of Covington Police Officer Terry Mullins.

“He’s a good officer,” Chief of Police Lee Harmon said, adding that Mullins will be missed. Mullins will be going to work at the Darke County Sheriff’s Office.

During his report, Mayor Ed McCord signed a proclamation recognizing May 2017 as Motorcycle Awareness Month in the village.

“It’s a good thing to be aware of motorcycle traffic out there,” McCord said.

The council also had a discussion on the annual liquor permit renewal, to which there were no issues or changes mentioned. Council member Lois Newman mentioned a concern about one business at which Harmon said the business was acting within the law to the police department’s knowledge.

Guadalajara’s — also known as Amerimex, LLC, DBA Amerimex Restaurant — is also attempting to obtain a license to sell beer. They currently have a liquor license, but they are seeking to obtain a license to sell beer through a TREX transfer of liquor licenses. According to Busse, they are in the process of purchasing the Russia Inn, obtaining beer and liquor licenses for that business, and having those licenses transferred to Guadalajara’s after they combine those businesses.

The village’s natural gas aggregation was also discussed. Busse signed a 24-month agreement with Constellation Energy Services at a rate of $0.423/ccf. Constellation has sent out letters to Covington residents not currently in any natural gas agreements informing them of the aggregation program. Residents who did not receive a letter and want to be part of the aggregation program should check with their current natural gas provider to see if there is a fee to opt out out of that contract and then contact Constellation. For more information, visit the village’s website at

Covington continues improving wastewater plant

By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336