Police reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department March 28

OVERDOSE: Officers responded to the 900 block of Kent Lane on a possible drug overdose. The reporting party was starting CPR. The reporting party stated her daughter overdosed on heroin. She also stated her daughter Megan Grove, also overdosed the night before in the bathroom, but didn’t call 911. Megan’s 8-year-old son saw what happened during this overdose. Grove was able to be revived with Narcan and transported to UVMC. The officer advised the reporting party the police report would be sent to children’s services in regards to the welfare of the child.

ILLEGAL USE OF HORN: Officers were sitting in traffic on West Market Street. A driver slowed down to an almost stop next to the police cruiser, stared at the officers, smiled and honked the horn several times. The officer observed no pedestrians or cars in front of the driver and pulled over the vehicle. Officers asked the driver why she was honking the horn and she said she was honking at a friend of hers but failed to provide a name. The officers advised the driver it was illegal to honk the vehicle horn. Troy Police cited Kyra Milton with illegal use of a horn.

CEMETERY ISSUE: An officer responded to Riverside Cemetery for a report of damage caused to a horse-drawn hearse. The owner of the hearse advised the horses were attached to the hearse were spooked by a 21-gun salute and took off. The hearse struck a small tree and flipped on its side causing significant damage to the hearse. The owner of the horses was able to get them under control and secured in a horse trailer. A report was requested for insurance purposes.

ASSIST SQUAD: An officer was dispatched to the alley between 400 block of South Mulberry Street and South Walnut Street to assist medics on a report of two subjects that were unconscious.

March 29

VEHICLE BREAK-IN: The reporting part in the 400 block of South Market Street, reported a gift card was stolen from her unlocked vehicle overnight. A bicycle at the scene was entered as evidence.

CPO VIOLATION: A resident in the 300 block of Elm Street, reported a protection order violation. A report was taken and a charge was filed.

POLICE SCAM: Sgt. McKinney received a U.S. Priority Mail letter addressed to him at the police department from the Austin Police Department. The return address stated it was from Austin Academy of Aviation in Texas. The only item inside the envelope was a cashier’s check made out to Sgt. McKinney for $1,945.30 from a Colorado bank. In the report, the officer states the department has had no contact with Austin Aviation Academy, the bank or the remitter “Shelly Gates.” The officer contacted the legitimate business and left a message. The contents of the letter was placed in evidence.

ATTEMPTED ROBBERY: An officer responded to the 1350 block of Imperial Court for an attempted robbery and assist squad call.