Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

March 28

TIRES AND RIMS GONE: A deputy responded to a theft at 1375 South Market Street in Troy Ohio, Joe Johnson Chevrolet. Two new rims and tires were stolen off of a new 2017 Chevrolet Silverado in the lot. This case is pending further investigation.

PARK DAMAGE: A deputy was dispatched to Twin Arch Reserve on report of a broken door on their service garage. The door on the east side of building was found to be partially open and the frame was broken. No tool marks or shoe prints located on the door or the frame. It is unknown what was used to force the door open.

The floor inside is covered with dust and some dirt with no signs of a disturbance on the surface. It does not appear anybody went inside after the door was forced open. Park employees state nothing from inside is missing or moved from what they can tell. The park employees took the tools and equipment from inside and secured the door temporarily. They asked for extra patrols of the area when possible.

March 30

CRIMINAL DAMAGING: A CXS employee called to report two windows were busted out of a front end loader that belongs to CXS Railroad. He stated they left work last night around 5 p.m. and when he returned this morning he found two driver side windows busted out. He believes someone threw rocks through the windows during the night time hours. The windows cost around $500 each and since CSX was self insured they would take care of the insurance and replacement of the windows.

Speaking with the property owner he did not hear anything nor did he see anyone cause the damage. The employee requested this incident to be documented for insurance purposes

March 31

OVI: A deputy responded to the area of Calumet Rd. and SR. 48 in reference to a vehicle in the ditch. The deputy observed the listed vehicle down in the ditch about twenty feet off the roadway. The deputy discovered the registered owner is a male subject West Milton PD was out with about 30 minutes prior on State Route 48. At the conclusion the registered owner Codie Frock was charged with OVI, Failure to Control, and Failure to report and accident.

GUN GONE: A resident in the 2000 block of Fenner Road, Troy, reported a hand gun stolen from the residence.

HOMELESS SEX OFFENDER: A deputy was dispatched to The Buckeye House in Troy in reference to an assist citizen. An employee stated that Francisco “Frank” Guerra has been a resident there since March 20. Today they discovered he is a registered sex offender, which goes against their policy for living at the location. Frank contested the information and asserts that he does not have to register anymore. The employee explained to him that from what she can see he is still listed and he will have to leave or she will call a Sheriff. Frank welcomed the idea and told her to “go ahead and call a Sheriff. He can come out and clear my name.”

A deputy ran Frank through LEADS and Spillman and both systems have him listed as an active sex offender. Frank was advised of this and that he will have to leave the Buckeye House if that’s what they are requesting. Frank agreed to leave at that point and stated he “will just go live on the street somewhere.” He grabbed his belongings and left on a bicycle. It is unknown where Frank will be staying now as he claims he does not have anywhere he can go.

April 1

OVERDOSE: A deputy responded to the 10000 block of N. County Road 25-A, Piqua, in reference an assist squad

call. Piqua EMS had already administer eight doses of Narcan to the male subject and he became responsive. The male was later identified as Scott Austin. Piqua EMS then transported Scott to the Upper Valley Medical Center.

April 2

ASSAULT: A deputy responded to100 block of N. Main Street, Casstown, in reference a physical disturbance. At the conclusion of the investigation Shane Herbert was taken into custody for assault and violation of a protection order.

BURGLARY: A resident in the 2400 block of Landman Road, Washington Twp. reported an attempted burglary.

WINDOW DAMAGED: A deputy was dispatched to 6000 block of South Shiloh Road. in Union Township in

regards to a vehicle being damaged. The deputy made contact with the owner and he stated his truck was sitting outside the night prior and somebody broke the passengers side window. The owner informed the deputy that nothing had been taken out the vehicle, however he wanted this documented to replace the window.

OVERDOSE: A deputy responded to the 1000 block of South Market Street, Troy, on a reported heroin overdose. Terry McReynolds was treated and transported by squad to the hospital.

April 3

SYRINGE FOUND: Probation called and reported he found a syringe on the second floor of the courthouse. The deputy took possession of the syringe and it was booked into evidence to be destroyed. The syringe was not used and had a cap on it and it is unknown who it belonged to. Case closed.

GUN GONE: A resident in the 800 block of Loy Road, Piqua reported a gun was stolen in October 2016.

CIVIL DISPUTE: An officer responded to 8000 block of East State Route 55 after the resident called 911 and

requested a deputy. The resident’s sister and friend was there to pick up property. At some point before the deputy’s arrival an argument broke out about what property was whose. The resident asked that her sister and friend be asked to leave for the night. The deputy then asked them to leave the residence at her request and the complied without incident.

All parties were cooperative during this incident. There was no property that left the residence during this time. This case is closed at this time.

TRUCK STOLEN: A resident in the 5000 block of Stillwell Road, Piqua reported his 2010 Dodge with Ohio was stolen on April 3 at around 3:30 p.m.