Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

DUS: Pursuant to a traffic stop for failing to signal a turn, the driver was identified as Brian Gray. Mr. Gray was found to be driving under suspension. He was cited and released. Miss Tuttle was his passenger and had a valid license. She switched seats with Brian and drove away.

MISSING WALLET: A deputy was contacted by Laura Kendall. Laura stated her boyfriend, Bryan Ingels, was involved in a motorcycle accident on July 31. During the incident, his wallet was misplaced. Laura requested the deputy make contact with Upper Valley Medical Center to review the security footage in case the wallet was stolen while Bryan was there.

The deputy made contact with Upper Valley Security and reviewed the security footage and was unable to determine from the security footage if any property was brought into Upper Valley or sent out with Careflight. Only hospital and EMS staff entered Bryan’s room. The deputy also checked the lost and found at Upper Valley but, no wallet was found. Lastly, the deputy checked the room Bryan was in and also did not locate a wallet.

The deputy contacted Laura and informed her of what was discovered. The deputy suggested she contact Miami Valley

Hospital were Bryan was taken to verify the wallet was not in their possession. The deputy informed Laura there was no evidence of a theft but, a lost property report would be competed for documentation.

THEFT: On August 18, 2015 a deputy responded out to Valley Eye Institute at 2820 S. County Road 25A after Mariah Haenel called 911 to report someone had stolen $42 in cash from her office. This case is pending further investigation.

DOGS: A deputy responded to the 6000 block of Peters Road, Tipp City, for a burglar alarm. It appeared the reason the alarm was tripped was because there were multiple small dogs inside running loose. There may have been around 40 dogs inside the house and some were wearing diapers. There was the feces on the floor and the smell of urine coming through the door. The animal shelter was contacted about the dogs.

WARRANT SERVED AT FAIR: A deputy was working the Miami County Fair with Lt. Norman. He was advised of a subject with a warrant named Trenton Bates. A picture of Trenton was sent to Lt. Norman.

He had been spotted at the Fair. Within a few minutes the officers located Trenton sitting on a bench.

As the officers approached him in the golf cart he stood up and started to walk past us. Lt. Norman stepped off the golf cart in front of Trenton and asked to speak with him. Trenton immediately became defensive and started arguing. The deputy grabbed Trenton’s left arm and placed him in the escort position. Lt. Norman grabbed his other arm. Trenton immediately tensed up and started resisting. He started asking if he was being detained and started cursing. The officers pushed Trenton against the golf cart and asked him to quit resisting. After further incidents, officers transported Trenton to the southgate where they met Deputy Benson who transported Trenton to the jail.

Aug. 19

VEHICLE THEFT: A deputy was dispatched to 4930 Piqua Troy Rd. in reference to a vehicle that was stolen. The vehicle was recovered in Troy and returned to the victim. The suspect has not been located at this time.

CELL PHONE STOLEN: Douglas Henning, Investigative Agent for Riverside of Miami County, arrived at the Sheriff’s Office to report the theft of his work cell phone (Samsung Galaxy S4), that occurred yesterday on the third floor of the Municipal Court building. There is possible surveillance footage of the theft. This matter is pending further investigation.

DUS: On today’s date Rodney Schloss was stopped for failing to use his turn signal. He was found to be driving with a suspended license. He was issued a citation for the violations. K9 Bear was also walked around the car.

CRIMINAL DAMAGING: On this date a deputy was dispatched to the 7000 block of Agenbroad Road, New Carlisle, in reference to a criminal damaging complaint.