Health Partners to streamline patient contact

TROY — Officials of Health Partners Free Clinic, serving approximately 1,100 patients in Troy, now have more options to streamline their patient’s healthcare management through their partnership with CareMessage, a non-profit patient engagement platform.

The San Francisco-based organization has built a data-driven solution for health care organizations to streamline care management and has developed interactive text message-based mobile programs to improve health outcomes.

Health Partners Executive Director Justin Coby said, “The clinic has greatly benefited from the technological abilities that CareMessage offers at a very reasonable price. This partnership will allow Health Partners to build stronger and more personal relationships with our patients in the hope of combating adherence barriers.”

Coby explained they can send automated pre-appointment information that includes easy patient response to confirm their appointments. Patients will also be able to submit survey replies, garner information on current health topics, and receive a personalized health education program. Mass text communication will alert all patients to any special program or offerings at the clinic.

Patients facing chronic health conditions will be able to submit medical information between regular office visits, Coby said. This includes text reminders regarding a patient’s self-monitoring and an easy-to-understand explanation of medical terminology.

Coby said the new system will also streamline the clinic’s record keeping efforts behind-the-scenes. With CareMessage, staff members can access data records quickly and more easily to help patients.

CareMessage can be found at