Troy Foundation Apple Grants awards $15,353.51

TROY — The Troy Foundation established the Apple Grant program to provide teacher of kindergarten through high school students an opportunity to enhance the educational experience of their students. Apple Grants are offered to teachers in the Troy City School District, St. Patrick School and Troy Christians Schools. The Apple Grant is to help teachers to add to their everyday curriculum by adding programs, supplies or field trips to their classrooms. Twenty-one applications were reviewed in June.

The Apple Grants awarded for 2017 are as follows:

• Cookson Elementary

Reading Materials for fourth grade — $996

Third grade math program with LEGOS — $932.76

Updating States Collection for the library — $996.28

Swing desk for MD classroom — $735.46

Little Bits, STEAM Education kits for third grade — $949.80

Adaptive equipment for students with disabilities — $994.23

• Forest Elementary

First Grade Young Investigators STEAM — $1,000

Sensory items for students with sensory needs — $976.51

Social studies for second grade — $286.50

• Heywood Elementary

Sound system — $560

• Kyle Elementary

• Alternative seating for kindergartners — $758.95

Study island for fourth grade — $440

Study islands for fifth grade — $825

Studies Weekly for fifth grade social studies — $274.50

• Van Cleve

Mathematics Intervention Program — $755.92

• Troy Christian School

Statehouse field house fourth grade field trip — $300

ELMO document camera for fourth grade — $624

STEM Class LEGO League for seventh and eighth grade — $700

Guest clinician for high school band — $700

World history upgrade for eighth grade — $748

OSMO Genius Kit for kindergartners — $799.60.

Apple Grant applications are accepted one time each year, with the annual deadline of June 1. Applications may be for up to $1,000, the total project budget cannot exceed $1,000. The next deadline will be June 2018. For more information on the Apple Grant process, visit or call The Troy Foundation at (937) 339-8935.