Barrett Brothers to complete NCOA for elections office

MIAMI COUNTY – The Miami County Board of Elections discussed National Change of Address (NCOA) mailings on Monday afternoon, choosing the Barrett Brothers as the vendor to complete this unfunded mandate. Barrett Brothers estimated the cost as being $3,117.52 plus the cost of postage.

Each voter in Miami County who has an inactive status will receive a letter from the board of elections office. The letter asks if the voter is still at that address, if the voter moved, and so on.

The Miami County Board of Elections is required to send out these mailings each year, and this year it must be done by June 29. There are at least 16,000 inactive voters in Miami County expected to receive these mailings this year. Last year they sent out approximately 17,000 letters. It is a step they take before they delete anybody as a registered voter.

Deputy Director Eric Morgan explained that Clark County is a using a local vendor this year for this NCOA mailings and that they are utilizing business reply mail. Darke and Montgomery Counties are doing NCOA in-house.

“This is not something we have the personnel to do?” Board Member Jose Lopez asked Morgan.

Morgan stated that they did not. When asked if there was enough money in the budget, Morgan said that there was enough to cover the cost of NCOA.

“We will have to request more money later on in the year,” Morgan said.

“My suggestion would be then, if we know we’re going to exhaust, or nearly exhaust, this fund, we put the commissioners on notice as soon as possible,” Lopez said.

Morgan requested that, in the future, they get business reply mail in order to save money on NCOA.

During the board comments portion of the meeting, Lopez commented on Director Todd Krueckeberg getting settled within the board of elections office and his new position.

“Things are working well with the two of you,” Lopez said about Krueckeberg and Morgan. “I have confidence in both of you.”

Board Member Robert Huffman was absent during Monday’s meeting.