Community fills three trucks with donations

TIPP CITY — The “Fill The Truck For Texans” project organized by Tipp Monroe Community Services (TMCS) and Thrivent Financial sent its first truck to Texas last Sunday and is planning to send at least two more.

The first truck carried over 55,000 pounds of supplies for those in need after Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast. The destination was the Community of Faith Church in downtown Houston. This location is housing 200 families that have been displaced and within a half mile there are over 10,000 people that also need help. The next two trucks are scheduled to leave within the week.

“This is just phase one of our project. We will be working on some additional things in the near future, there’s more to come,” Matt Buehrer of Thrivent Financial said.

Organizers hope to be able to send items to Texas every one or two month, according to Denise Gross, Community Relations Coordinator for TMCS.

The first truck reached Texas on Monday after a delay in Lexington, Ky., when one of the tires on the trailer blew out. According to TMCS, when the owners of Big Rig One Stop Shop, Bobby and Jane Searcy, heard that they were carrying items for Texas, they donated the repairs.

TMCS and Thrivent Financial worked together to organize volunteers and obtain equipment, load three trailers, find volunteer drivers and trucks, and finalize the details needed to send three trucks to Texas. All of the items needed were obtained through the generosity of others.

“[People] came from as far as Toledo, St. Mary’s and Versailles to donate items. Thanks to local news channels, Facebook, word of mouth, and local newspapers, the word spread quickly that items were being collected,” Gross said.

Over $20,000 has been collected so far in monetary donations. The money will go toward additional items needed to fill the trucks and it will also be used to pay for the fuel needed to get the trucks to Texas and back.

“The TMCS slogan has always been, ‘We can’t do it without you.” That has definitely rung true these past eight days. We have had such a positive response from our community. We have had volunteers work non-stop to fill all of our trucks and an amazing outpouring of generosity by those donating items,” said TMCS Director Kathy Taylor.

Gross added that TMCS and Thrivent Financial would like to thank all of the people that donated items, cash, and their time to help Fill The Truck For Texas.

Tipp Monroe Community Services is a local nonprofit organization responsible for identifying and filling the needs of Tipp City and Monroe Township residents. For more information, visit

Thrivent Financial is a faith-based financial planning service.

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