Corner domes to be repainted

For the Troy Daily News

TROY — The Miami County Commissioners continue to invest in maintaining the historic Miami County Courthouse and have contracted the painting of the four corner domes.

The work will begin the week of Sept. 11 to address the corner domes surfaces that are impacted by daily UV and environmental conditions. The scope of work includes prepping the dome surface, the application of a white base coat primer and a final coat of paint to match the center tower dome painted in 2015.

The domes preparation includes power washing the surfaces prior to priming. This is accomplished using water only. Any spray seen during the power washing surface preparation has no chemicals.

The painting process will include white primer application – the corner domes will be white for a few days until the final paint color is applied. The final paint color will match the color of the center dome.

The project is weather dependent and is expected to be completed by the first week of October. Please contact Chris Johnson, Miami County Director of Operations & Facilities, at (937) 440-5999 for any inquiries or questions.