LCC announces gospel concert

TROY — Lincoln Community Center has announced its summer gospel concert featuring Dayton Chapter of Gospel Workshop of America.

At 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 27 the gospel group will be performing at 110 Ash St. Troy. For the first time in over 25 years the soulful gospel melodies will fill the air in Miami County. Over the years several local singers and musicians have been active members in this organization.

Nicole Burton, administrative assistant at Lincoln Community Center has fond memories of participating in the 1985 National Baptist Convention 1000 Voice Choir. That particular year the Dayton GMWA practiced songs that where then recorded live once all the choirs meet at Riverfront Coliseum. Being a teenager at the this time made the experience even more monumental to her and the group from Piqua/Troy area, she said.

Dayton Chapter of Gospel Workshop of America was organized in March 1972, by the Rev. Isaac Douglas. Douglas was a well-known gospel artist, singer and composer residing in Xenia, while attending a revival music service he was empowered to start this venture. Bro. Charles Vaughn was appointed as Chapter representative, he served faithfully until the Lord called him home. At this time the Dayton Chapter was affiliated with the Cincinnati chapter under the leadership of Dr. Charles Fold. Filling the vacated position of chapter representative Dr. Fold was then appointed chapter representative of Dayton GWOA. After his tenure with the group he appointed the late, Sis. Emma Jean Mosby as Chapter and the Rev. Leon Wilkerson as her assistant.

Sis. Mosby served in this capacity until 1981, at which time she moved to an emeritus position. The Rev. Leon Wilkerson was then appointed chapter representative and Sis. Vonnie Happy as his assistant. Under their leadership, The Dayton Chapter flourished one of the leading chapters in the nation. At the national level founded in 1967 by the Late Rev James Cleveland, the Gospel Workshop of America is an annual convention bringing together people from America, Europe, Asia, Africa and The Caribbean who love gospel music.

More information about GMWA can be found at For information, performance requests or questions for the Dayton chapter, email or contact Ken Hogue at (937) 263-4166.