Garden manor getting driveway, parking improvements

Staff Report

TROY — The Troy Housing Opportunities United Inc. (THOU), a faith-based non-profit organization incorporated in the early 1970’s, has been making improvements to the parking areas at Garden Manor.

Vandalia Blacktop Company of Dayton has been upgrading the entire parking area in the facility. Grading the driveways and parking areas also is underway, according to Gerry Loar.

THOU was created when leaders in the community recognized that there was insufficient suitable housing for Troy’s needy families. Seven local churches banded together and formed THOU to address the problem. Board members were selected from the following churches: Trinity Episcopal, First United Methodist, Church of the Brethren, First United Church of Christ, St. Patrick Catholic, First Lutheran, First Presbyterian and Richards Chapel United Methodist Church was added, making eight churches.

This was the first non-profit subsidized housing project in the city of Troy. The final design consisted of 16 buildings, with apartments for 66 families and a community room, laundry and office. The buildings are located in the Crescent Drive area. A sign in the playground area reads “Garden Manor.”

The board has a management company, and an on-site manager available to the residents of the low-income housing development.

The THOU board continues to improve Garden Manor apartments and grounds, and encourages positive activities and interactions that promote an environment for healthy families, Loar said.