County sees mixed results on state report card

TCS Superintendent Eric Herman reviews state scores

By Melanie Yingst -

MIAMI COUNTY — The Ohio Department of Education has released the 2016-17 school report cards Sept. 14, revealing performance and progress in all the state schools, including Miami County’s school districts.

The report cards measures six components – Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Graduation Rate, K-3 Literacy and Prepared for Success – on a scale of “A” to “F.” The categories look at measurable aspects, like how many students passed the state tests, how much students learn in a year, if more students are learning to read in kindergarten through third grade and the performance of student groups compared to the state goal.

The state report card added ranking components to its data bank this year.

The state report card ranked schools according to its “G.P.A” on the 4.0 scale following the formula the state intends to use for the overall assessment of the district in the future. The formula counts the achievement and progress component grades at 20 percent and the other four components at 15 percent.

Two schools in Miami County Schools ranked in the Top 100 in regards to its “G.P.A” with Tipp City at No. 48 with a 2.95 GPA and Miami East at No. 52 with a 2.85 GPA.

Other schools ranked as follows: Bethel at No. 252 with a 2.1 GPA; Covington at No. 273 with a 2.0 GPA; Troy at No. 289 with a 1.95 GPA; Newton also ranked No. 289 with a 1.95 GPA; Piqua at No. 346 with a 1.75 GPA; Milton-Union at No. 437 with a 1.45 GPA; and Bradford at No. 502 with a 1.25 GPA.

Also new this year, the state ranked all of its public school according to its performance index score.

The Performance Index is one in a series of measures the Department of Education released with the new report cards.

While the index is a measure of achievement, other grades focus on the progress of individual students, graduation rates and other areas to judge success. Districts receive grades A through F in these areas.

Three schools in Miami County scored in the Top 100 schools out of the 608 school districts in Ohio in Performance Index Scores: Newton Local School at 77; Tipp City 85; Miami East at 90.

Other Miami County Schools ranked as follows: Bethel at 213; Milton-Union at 265; Troy at 292; Covington at 314; Piqua at 477; and Bradford at 484.

Miami East Local and Newton Local School’s superintendents’ reactions to state report cards will appear in Monday’s edition of Troy Daily News and the Piqua Daily Call.


Troy City Schools’ grades varied across the board, yet school officials remain focused on its end goal — getting students to graduation day.

Troy City Schools received the following grades: Achievement: D — Overall including C in Performance Index and F in Indicators Met; Gap Closing — D; K-3 Literacy — C; Progress — C including Value-Added scores including gifted, lowest 20 percent in achievement and students with disabilities scores; Graduation Rate — A; and Prepared for Success — C. The state report card also breaks down data per individual school building. These scores reflect the grades overall in the district only.

Troy City Schools Superintendent Eric Herman said, “I would hope the community knows there is more to school than tests. I also think comparing schools is very hard in that all kids and (school) staffs are different. Enrollment sizes offer both good and bad opportunities for school districts. It is hard to get a good blanket comparison as the state tries to do. We will study the data given us, look at any and all feedback from the State, and develop plans to improve in all areas. Above all we will continue to teach all students who enroll in Troy City Schools with the goal of graduating and preparing students for life after school.”

Herman said he feels as the district improved in its Achievement area of the tests, noting the district’s performance percentage improved.

“We improved in 12 areas and remained the same in seven areas. I’m sure if the tests remain similar this year and we are given more feedback we will improve. The grade reflects our district based on the state’s limited measures, but it does not reflect the level of education our students receive daily,” Herman said.

Herman highlighted the district’s Gap Closing grade improved from 36 percent last year to 66 percent this year.

Troy City Schools’ K-3 Literacy rated improved from 21 percent last year to 41 percent — almost double.

“We have worked very hard in this area to help our young readers improve,” Herman said.”Our summer school program was very successful with several teachers involved in helping some students who needed a little extra instruction. As with any measure we are constantly working to improve.”

Herman said in the area of Progress, staff continues to strive to reach students in various groups.

“I think this is a limited measurement of the success of our students,” he said. “It is one piece of time in their academic life. Overall our student were able to maintain from the previous year even with the testing environment changing again. It is challenging with our numbers and with changes in the test to grow or to maintain. We do a good job throughout the year meeting students where they are and taking them to an improve level of knowledge.”

Finally, Herman said the graduate rate has remained constant at its 94.7 percent in four years.

“Our students come to school at a variety of levels with a multitude of needs in their younger years,” he said. “Through solid instruction they grow and graduate on time ready to enter their adult life.”

TCS Superintendent Eric Herman reviews state scores

By Melanie Yingst

Follow Melanie Yingst on Twitter @Troydailynews

Follow Melanie Yingst on Twitter @Troydailynews