TAP policy expands family definition

2015 worst year for attendance due to weather

Melanie Yingst - myingst@troydailynews.com

TROY — On Sept. 16, the city of Troy Recreation Board approved its Troy Aquatic Pool general rules and regulations, including an update to the family pass definition to include all legal marriages.

According to city law director Jim Livingston, the change was made to include all married couples, not just a man married to a woman.

An unmarried couple living together, whether a man and a woman or two of the same sex, do not qualify as a family, Livingston said.

Board member Doug Jackson asked if there would be any adjustment in the pool’s policy in reference to the gender identity issue currently at the Troy City Schools.

Director Ken Siler said the gender topic is not an issue and that the TAP has family restrooms to accommodate all needs at the present time.

Unseasonably cool weather canceled one quarter of the season at the Troy Aquatic Park this summer.

TAP and city assistant recreation department director Carrie Slater reported to the recreation board on Wednesday that the 2015 pool season took a hit this summer. Coupled with unseasonable weather in 2014, Slater said the two really bad pool seasons back-t0-back have resulted in negative revenue for the TAP.

In 2014, the TAP lost approximately $16,906. Slater said the TAP has one more payroll and a few more invoices to be cleared and expects the TAP to be in the red approximately $10-15,000 in 2015.

Slater reported the pool was closed due to weather 10 full days, closed early 12 days and opened late two days this summer — nearly 25 percent of its season.

Summer pool passes were down not only in 2015, but also in 2014, both attributed to weather. In 2015, a total of 414 passes were sold, the lowest in the pool’s 11-year history. The pool averages 468 passes total in the last decade including senior, family, adult and youth passes.

Daily admission attendance averages were also down significantly with an average of 280 attendees per day, down from 2014’s below average of 326.

Despite the attendance numbers being down, sales for private party rental and party deck rentals were up in 2015. In 2015, party deck rentals doubled from 16 in 2014 up to 32 in 2015. The TAP increased its rental fee in 2014, and revenues from private party rentals were up to $6,735 with 20 rentals compared to 27 rentals for $5,655 in 2014.

Slater also said the TAP had a waiting list for swimming lessons and a successful swim team in regards to membership in 2015.

The TAP will continue to offer pool pass discounts through its fall and winter promotional periods. For more information or to buy online, visit www.troypool.com.

2015 worst year for attendance due to weather

Melanie Yingst