Trustees, UVMC reach agreement

Hospital to provide own medic services on campus

By Melanie Yingst -

CONCORD TWP. — Upper Valley Medical Center notified Concord Township Trustees by letter its intent to contract with a third-party EMS transport agency to alleviate the township’s financial burden of providing those services through 911 dispatch calls and to remain within the township’s newly created fire district.

According to the letter dated Nov. 1 to trustees Bill Whidden, Don Pence and Tom Mercer, it states, “1. UVMC will contract with a third-party EMS transport agency to provide EMS services on the UVMC campus. This proposal assumes Miami County 911 cooperates with this protocol change. UVMC will implement with cooperation from Miami County. 2. UVMC will continue to receive fire-related services from the city of Troy through its contract with Concord Township. Portions of the UVMC campus pay real estate taxes as for-profit entities and have been paying into the Concord Township fire levy. By remaining in the fire district, UVMC will continue to pay taxes into the Concord Township fire levy.”

The letter was signed by Becky Rice, president of Upper Valley Medical Center and Diane Pleiman, Chief Operating Officer.

Representatives from Upper Valley Medical Center, including Chief Operations Officer Diane Pleiman, attended the meeting on Wednesday, but did not provide public comments during the meeting. Miami County Assistant Prosecutor Chris Englert, as well as Troy City Fire Department Chief Matthew Simmons were present, but did not comment. Whidden said the increase in EMS runs at the UVMC campus would cost approximately $700,000 over five years had UVMC not resolved the issue.

At the Oct. 25 meeting, Concord Township trustees created Concord Township Fire District One, which included the Upper Valley Medical Center campus, but could have been modified had a resolution not been presented by the end of the year.

“As you all know, we’ve been working for many, many months with UVMC and their executives to work out a mutually agreeable settlement to our situation we found ourselves in with our fire and emergency services,” Whidden said.

Trustees had adjourned into executive session with Miami County assistant prosecutor Chris Englert before addressing the fire district issue.

“We had a chance to review and discuss it with our legal counsel and I’m very pleased to say that we are absolutely willing to accept your proposal,” Whidden said.

Trustees expect to enter into a memorandum of understanding with UVMC at its next meeting on Nov. 29.

In prior reports, trustees have said the fire district was necessary to protect its residents from carrying the financial burden the UVMC campus’ current transportation practices has placed on the township and its contracted services with the city of Troy. The city of Troy and Concord Township officials found that UVMC’s 911 calls for EMS services on its campus were causing response calls to skyrocket nearly 100 percent per year since 2013.

Township trustees’ current contract with the city of Troy will expire at the end of 2017. The township is currently negotiating its new five-year contract with the city of Troy. The township renewed its 3.7-mill levy last November.

Hospital to provide own medic services on campus

By Melanie Yingst