Troy City Schools Herman addresses school closing issues

Message indicating a bomb threat found Friday, closed down HS and Jr. High Monday

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Schools Superintendent Eric Herman addressed several concerns surrounding the decision to close Troy High School and Troy Junior High late Sunday evening after a message was found at the high school Friday afternoon indicating a bomb threat to come Monday morning.

Wright Patterson and Dayton International Airport officials each brought a bomb sniffing dog to the campus Monday and cleared the school by 11 a.m. Monday, Herman said. The two dogs did not indicate any bomb making materials were on site.

Herman said school staff found the threat around seventh period on Friday afternoon. Herman said school staff was attempting to find out who wrote the message in the boys restroom in the high school at the end of the day.

“When the message was found it basically said the danger was Monday morning at 8 a. m. We had some time to try to resolve the situation,” Herman said. “(We were hopeful) we could find out who had written the message. School was letting out and students were leaving, not coming in. We were still discussing a plan of action.”

Activies at the high school continued as usual throughout the weekend. Herman said officials discussed the issues with local police and kept the building open throughout the weekend.

“School was letting out (Friday) so it was being evacuated naturally, so in consultation with the police, the decision was made that the danger, if it was real, was Monday morning at 8 a.m. when the school was full of students,” Herman said. “If we cleared the building right then, we would need to do it several times to assure nothing else was brought in during the weekend.”

Herman said the decision to close the two buildings was made late Sunday evening and delays relaying that message were due to several factors.

In an email response, Herman said the process to close the two schools started before parents received the message around 10 p.m. Sunday evening.

“It started before that, but we had some problems with One Call Now. It was also the first time we had just closed a building or two. Normally, we close the entire district. There were several parts that needed answered before we could proceed like transportation. Separate announcements by two different principals — 6th grade band — plus a few more,” Herman said. “It was important to get it right. Plus One Call with as big as group we were calling just plain takes time — sometimes it is fast, sometimes it is slow. I don’t know why.”

Herman said the student or students responsible for the message could face expulsion as well as additional charges by local law enforcement.

Herman said as of now, students will not likely have to make up the missed day of school.

Herman said the high school will begin using sign out sheets when going to bathroom and restrict hall passes as well as the number of restrooms open at the high school. Junior high will increase monitoring of restrooms and limited hall traffic, he said.

School will resume on Tuesday with an increase of police presence on the campus.

Message indicating a bomb threat found Friday, closed down HS and Jr. High Monday

By Melanie Yingst