Property owners question plans to rebuild gas station

Resident complains about trash, drug abuse, robberies

TROY — Property owners on Monday expressed concerns with the proposed plans to build a larger gas station and convenience store in the location formerly known as the Valero station, on 322 W. Market St. at the city council meeting.

Council held a public hearing and will meet in a committee meeting to further discuss the rezoning of 322 W. Market St. from B-1 to Local Retail District. The parcels are the location of the Valero gas station. Applicant Suki Sandhu plans to demolish the current gas station and build a new one in its place.

A public hearing was held prior to the residents stating their concerns with the property surrounding the gas station and its ownership. No one spoke for or against the rezoning issue during the public hearing.

Deborah Knight, who resides on Peters Avenue behind the business, said the gas station has been a problem since the owner bought the station. She said her alley and backyard is littered with trash from customers of the gas station. She also said a subject overdosed in the alley behind the gas station in her backyard in May. The gas station was last robbed on Dec. 15, 2016, and has been targeted for robberies several times.

Knight said she’s installed two privacy fences around her property.

“I just see a lot of riff raff coming since this gentlemen has owned this business. I do not support his business,” she said.

Knight said she continually has to pick up the trash around her home. Knight said she doesn’t believe the business should expand.

“I believe it’ll be more trouble in the long run,” she said.

Randy and Eileen Alexander own property in the city of Troy, including a property adjacent to the gas station at 334 and 332 W. Market St. They requested more information about the building plans. A BZA meeting is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Nov. 28 at City Hall.

Alexander said he had no issue with the rezoning, but was concerned about the plans and variances against the properties. Eileen Alexander also expressed concerns with the business owner, who was a former tennant of one of the properties on West Market Street.

President Marty Baker explained the process of how residents can provide input about the issue. As of press time, the committee meeting for the rezoning issues has not been set.

In other news:

Lester Conard, a Troy resident, voiced his concerns with the 2018 city budget and various expenses, including the proposed $2 million renovation and upgrades at Miami Shores golf course.

“We’ve been subsidizing that place for a long time,” Conard said. “Now it’s canoeing, kayaking and biking. Golf is a thing of the past.”

Conard also said he’s upset about the rising rates for sewer and water. At the last meeting, council approved sewer rate adjustments for a 0 percent increase 2018, a 1.5 percent increase for 2019 and a 3 percent increase for each year 2020 through 2022. The rates were recommended by the city auditor to provide stability within the Sewer Fund and to provide the funding for three significant projects from the Sewer Fund in the next five years.

Director of public service and safety Patrick Titterington said the funds paid through the utility bills goes directly back into that particular utility’s department.

Conard also expressed his frustration to city council about spending money on projects such as Treasure Island Park, in the flood plain. Conard called the park, which is designed to flood, “Sunken Treasure.”

Conard said, “You use our money, but you don’t consider us.”

Council member Robin Oda was not present at the meeting.

In other news:

Council voted 8-0 to adopt the following resolutions: Amended resolution for the Complete Streets policy; 2018 funding for Troy Main Street for $55,000, Troy Recreation Association for $29,000, and Troy Development Council for $125,000. The funds were approved at the same rate as last year.

Council voted 8-0 to adopt the following ordinances: the 2018 city budget and to extend the moratorium for the North Market Street area for the processing, issuance, and approval of new occupancy and zoning for a second 180-day period. The first moratorium was passed on June 5. The moratorium is requested to allow MKSK consultants to complete a strategic economic development “reuse analysis” for the area. A second meeting is planned for the beginning of 2018 and a final report will be submitted to the city. The current moratorium will end Dec. 2.

A public hearing will be held in regards to the rezoning of the 25 parcels on West Main Street for the planned Troy Hospital through Kettering Health Network. The hearing will be held Dec. 18.

Resident complains about trash, drug abuse, robberies