Fire, EMS agreements to be reviewed

Rezoning requests also to be considered at Nov. 28 meeting

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Council’s committees will meet to discuss agreements with Concord and Lostcreek Township for fire and EMS services as well as rezoning issues and minimun wage increase at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 28 at City Hall.

The Safety and Health Committee will review a recommendation for five-year agreements with the two townships. An emergency designation is requested.

According to the memo from Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington to president of council Marty Baker, the city has reached agreements on formulas for the fire and EMS services with the two townships.

The five year total for Concord Township services is $2,753,035 for 2018-2022.

According to the memo, the agreement with Concord Twp. is based on a 1.83 percent increase for 2018 for a cost of $585,102.

The following rates for Concord Township contract services with city of Troy fire and EMS services include the current 2017 cost of $574,581; a 1.83 percent adjustment of $585,102 for 2018; a cost of $525,992 in 2019; a 2 percent fixed inflation rate for a cost of $536,512 in 2020; a cost of $547,242 in 2021; and a cost of $558,187 in 2022.

The 2019 cost amount decreases due to the recent agreement between Concord Township Trustees and Upper Valley Medical Center to provide its own medical transport on its campus. For the years 2020-2022, a 2 percent fixed inflation adjustment per year is included.

The Lostcreek Township agreement is based on a 7.27 percent increase over the 2018 agreement for the first year and then a 2 percent fixed inflation adjustment for years 2019-2022.

The five-year total for services is $100,892.

The costs for services are as follows: 2017 current agreement is $18,072; 2018 with one year adjustment of 7.27 percent is $19,387; a cost of $19,775 for 2019; a cost of $20,171 in 2020; a cost of $20,574 for $2021; and a cost of $20,985 for 2022.

Rezoning requests for 322 W. Market St. and Philpot property

The law and ordinance committee will review recommendations for the 322 W. Market St. gas station rezoning request and the Ronald and Jane Philipot rezoning request.

A BZA meeting is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Nov. 28 at City Hall.

A public hearing for both issues was held on Nov. 6. During the public hearing, no one spoke in favor or against the rezoning issues. During the public participation portion of the meeting, three property owners adjacent to the 322 W. Market St. property expressed their concerns with variances as well as maintenance and littering and other issues around the current store.

Salary ordinance

A committee will review the request to raise the state’s minimum wage from the current $8.15 per hour to $8.30 per hour for its step 1 for seasonal, temporary and part-time hourly employees.

Rezoning requests also to be considered at Nov. 28 meeting

By Melanie Yingst