Township reviews fire contract

By Melanie Yingst -

CONCORD TWP. — The Concord Township trustees thanked the Troy Fire Department administration for their work during the two-year-long contract process to provide the township with fire and EMS services in the next five years at its regular meeting Wednesday.

Troy City Council will review the five-year contracts with Concord Township, as well as Lostcreek and late Tuesday added Staunton Township for its contracted services. Troy Fire Department assistant Chief Gary Stanley was present but did not publicly comment during the meeting.

The five year total for Concord Township services is $2,753,035 for 2018-2022.

According to the memo, the agreement with Concord Twp. is based on a 1.83 percent increase for 2018 for a cost of $585,102.

The following rates for Concord Township contract services with city of Troy fire and EMS services include the current 2017 cost of $574,581; a 1.83 percent increase adjustment of $585,102 for 2018; a cost of $525,992 in 2019; a 2 percent fixed inflation rate for a cost of $536,512 in 2020; a cost of $547,242 in 2021; and a cost of $558,187 in 2022.

The 2019 cost amount decreases due to the recent agreement between Concord Township Trustees and Upper Valley Medical Center to provide its own medical transport on its campus. For the years 2020-2022, a 2 percent fixed inflation adjustment per year is included.

Trustee Bill Whidden said he spoke with city auditor John Frigee about the contracts to be presented to city council at its Dec. 4 meeting.

“I expect to have that completed prior to the end of our calendar year,” Whidden said. Whidden said the city provided options for the contracted services which Whidden explained the township will pay more in 2018 due to the six-month carryover and the years 2019-2022 will drop significantly.

“Your whole department has been instrumental in working with us and getting us the proper information. I know you all went above and beyond to provide information to us and the hospital as they requested. I’m sure countless hours that you guys all spent putting it all together. I can’t say enough how much we appreciate the entire fire department’s professionalism and going above and beyond to help us all,” Whidden said.

Trustee Don Pence said attorneys for both Upper Valley Medical Center and the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office are still working on a memorandum of understanding for the hospital campus to provide its own EMS transportation services beginning in 2018.

“It’s not really a binding agreement, but it is a memorandum of understanding,” Pence said. “We hope they have that finalized by our next meeting on Dec. 13.”

In a letter from Upper Valley Medical Center to Concord Township Trustees, officials said it would be their intent to contract with a third-party EMS transport agency to alleviate the township’s financial burden of providing those services through 911 dispatch calls and to remain within the township’s newly created fire district.

In previous meetings, Trustee Bill Whidden said the increase in EMS runs at the UVMC campus would cost approximately $700,000 over five years had UVMC not resolved the issue.

Concord Township will continue to provide UVMC fire and EMS services to and from the hospital, but UVMC will rely on its own transportation on its campus from the Emergency Department, nursing home and privately owned dialysis center and physician’s offices.

Trustees expect to enter into a memorandum of understanding with UVMC by the end of the calendar year.

The next meeting will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 13, at the township building on Horizon West Court.

By Melanie Yingst