Planning Commission OK’s new zoning district

DRO district to be reviewed by council

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY —Troy Planning Commission welcomed former council member Lynne Snee as a commissioner on Wednesday.

Tom Force retired at the end of the year. Snee was a former at-large council member from 2012-2017.

The board voted in favor of Alan Kappers as chair and Jim McGarry as vice-chairman.

Kappers was not present at the meeting.

McGarry presided over the Jan. 10 meeting, commissioners voted to appoint Larry Wolke to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Planning Commission reviewed the proposed Downtown Riverfront Overlay district zoning proposal. Commission voted to not hold a public hearing regarding the amendment to the zoning code. Commission made a positive recommendation to city council regarding the Downtown Riverfront Overlay district. The commissioners did not support an emergency designation and will have three readings and a public hearing for city council’s agenda.

Jim Dando, development director, said the new Downtown Riverfront Overlay (DRO) district will function much like the historical preservation district overlay.

Commissioner Larry Wolke said his concerns had been addressed.

“I had a number of reservations about this proposal. I’ve discussed it with administration and I think they’ve made a good faith effort to address some of my concerns,” Wolke said.

Dando highlighted changes of the proposal on Wednesday.

The proposed district includes Treasure Island to the north, the State Route 41 bridge to the east, West Market Street to the south and Ridge Avenue to the west.

Dando said changes were made to the document since the last commission meeting when commissioners Wolke and McGarry said they did not have enough time to review the proposal and city law director Grant Kerber had a handful of issues regarding wording of a few areas in the proposal.

With changes in red and some “wordsmithing,” Dando went over the changes, which were mainly in the “Process” area of the proposal.

Dando said the general area on the map will need to have a precise description and staff would be working on that.

If a property owner were to use the Downtown Riverfront Overlay district, the proposal would first go to planning commission for review.

The object of the DRO is “to accommodate the dynamic commercial and residential district that we seek, the city needs to provide a flexible district that provides accommodations for lots that contain less than 1 acre of land.”

Areas addressed in the draft include pedestrian, bicycle circulation, open space preservation and development, signage, landscaping regulations, off-street loading area regulations, off-street parking regulations and other regulations within its overlay district proposal.

The draft code section proposes the following:

1. There are 11 different zoning districts within the map area. If a property owner wants to redevelop or develop in a manner that meets the requirement of their conventional zoning district, the overlay process does not come into play.

2. Developments that are proposed in a manner that does not meet the conventional requirements, a submittal of detailed plans to the Planning Commission is required for approval.

3. Approved development plans by the Planning Commission will be monitored by staff to ensure the development is in compliance.

4. To approve an application, commission shall use specified criteria outlined in the chapter.

5. Development requests that are not approved may appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals, which can override the Planning Commission’s decision by a two-thirds majority vote (five out of seven BZA members.)

In other commission news:

The commission reviewed the right-of-way dedication for the Kettering Health Network’s Troy Hospital in the 600 block of West Main and the 700 block of West Water Street.

The right-of-way dedication is 0.294 acres and the commission OK’d the dedication.

Commission also reviewed a rezoning request from Jessica Minesinger, president of Nottingham Development Inc., to rezone an 8 acre lot from Agriculture to R3-B Single family residential. The property is currently owned by Halifax Land company.

The property is located west of Piqua Troy Road and east of the Nottingham subdivision. The property is north of Finsbury Lane.

The commission voted not to hold a public hearing in regards to the rezoning request. With a positive recommendation by the commission, the rezoning request will be reviewed by council.

DRO district to be reviewed by council

By Melanie Yingst