Park board to begin golf director search

Board approves mountain bike event with contingencies

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — The Troy Board of Park Commissioners will begin to interview candidates to fill the director of Miami Shores Golf Course on Saturday.

President Alan Kappers said the meeting will be held in executive session Saturday morning.

Director Ken Green announced his retirement effective in March.

City clerk Sue Knight reported to the board about the golf course advertising proposals including ads on the tee markers and golf carts. Knight said vendors would need to submit requests in a quasi-bid process from other vendors if the course would move forward with the advertising proposals.

The board discussed advertising at the golf course on the carts and/or tee signs, with pros and cons of the venture. Board member Susan Westfall said she would support signs on the cart as long as they remain small and aren’t “wrapped” on the cart and didn’t detract from the green space. Fox also said he would support the cart advertising since carts are put away at the end of the day. President Kappers said he prefers to keep the city’s parks and green space free from advertising, but sees the financial benefit from the advertising revnue of the two proposals at the golf course. The board agreed to continue to review the proposals in the future.

There is currently no advertising on the tee signs or carts at Miami Shores Golf Course. Green said other courses have advertised on tee signs in the past.

Board members made various comments in support of updating the tee signs first and to continue to explore the cart advertising venues. Kappers also said it would be a question to ask golf director candidates as well.

Troy resident Jeff Schultz, a member of the Mayor’s Cycling Committee, requested to add a unique mountain biking event to be held at the city’s TIMBA course at Duke Park and around the Miami River.

Schultz proposed a 24-hour relay endurance race event for mountain bikers on the TIMBA course to the board. Schultz said the race would be a “noon-to-noon” event with bikers completing courses and tagging members of its team throughout the race through the night. Schultz said there is no such event in the area or state of Ohio. Schultz said the closest 24-hour race is in Michigan.

“We’re looking at doing something different to differentiate ourselves and our site lends itself to do something like this,” Schultz said.

Schultz said participants would camp out at the site throughout the day and evening. President Alan Kappers asked about the lighting during the night race, which Schultz said bikers would use helmet lights to see in front of them, so course lighting wasn’t necessary. He said the committee could rent lights at the beginning of the course and in the area where riders would congregate.

“I’m a big fan. I think it would be a really unique thing to bring to the area,” said Commissioner Susan Westfall.

Schultz said there would have to be a minimum of around 40 teams to sign up to host the event. Schultz said Troy’s mountain bike course attracted approximately 40 people to attend TIMBA’s four-hour race event last summer.

Kappers said the park board has made exceptions in the past to allow groups to camp in the parks at night. Kappers made a motion contingent upon the city law director’s assistance with liability and insurance issues, as well as if council consideration would be needed to allow Shultz to continue to plan the event.

Fox said he understands how unique events such as the 24-hour race can draw people to the area. The board approved the event with the contingencies.

Ken Green, director of Miami Shores Golf Course, requested the board approve to add a Southern Ohio PGA junior tournament on Friday, July 20. The tournament will be held for golfers age 8-13 years old.

The board approved the tournament, which Green said does not interfere with any league play or other events currently scheduled for the July 20 date.

“It’s a great event. It gets bigger every year,” Green said. “The last time we had we had it, we had 26 kids that played in it.”

Green said the tournament has a maximum number of players of 50.

The board also approved the city’s request to host the Cincinnati Symphony Concert at 8 p.m. June 28 at Prouty Plaza. The board also approved the city’s request to host the Air Force Band of Flight concert at 7 p.m. Aug. 26 at Treasure Island Park.

Board approves mountain bike event with contingencies

By Melanie Yingst